Cool Bands = Clean Water: A Give & Grow eCommerce Spotlight

October 26, 2018

Disclaimer: This post is reflective of our company while under the name Pledgeling and the listed information may be outdated. Please refer to our main company website on Pledge for current information and resources.


When Jason came home for the holidays in 2010 wearing a colorful stretchy wristband he’d made to match his brightly colored Nike’s, he had no idea it would lead to running a highly successful Shopify business with his two younger brothers, Brandon and Jordan. The family inspired by Jason’s “fresh” (as his brothers called it) creation, sat down as a family and made a bunch of wristbands together. The boys picked out fabric and drew up designs, and their Mom sewed the wristband together. When their Dad suggested they call their new invention Zox Straps, they laughed, but he insisted it would catch on, and he was right!

Today Zox not only offers interesting straps, but they’ve expanded their designs into imperials, hoodies and hoodie strings - all crafted and named with meaning and purpose behind them. Which as Jason says set the tone for their business as a whole.


Early on they came up with the idea to inspire giving. They created a pack called “Double Dutch “ and secretly packed in two wristbands with a little note that said, “One To Wear, One To Share”. So it makes sense that when they were told about Give & Grow by a Shopify Merchant Success Manager they jumped on the opportunity to integrate mission right onto their site - the same day!


The brothers partnered with Thirst Project who provide clean water by funding the building of community wells in Swaziland. With a population of 1.25 Million people, Thirst project estimates it will take $50 Million dollars to provide lasting clean water to the rest of the country. That’s actually an attainable goal, and would make a world of difference! By providing a community with safe drinking water, disease rates and child mortality rates can literally drop overnight!

When Zox first announced their mission their customers were really excited. “We've always tried to give back,” Brandon shares “but having Give & Grow handle tracking and donations for us gives us a super easy way to show the impact our community is helping us make.” In addition, Zox has seen an increase in sales since sharing their mission. According to Brandon, “Letting them know that their purchase will help someone in need gives that little extra push that is needed.”

We’re inspired by the Zox Brothers entrepreneurial story! If you are interested in learning more about how Pledgeling can help your business grow through giving, contact us today. We’d love for you to join us in the #pledgetodogood.

In the meantime, with the holidays right around the corner, we suggest you check out ZOX store and pick up a few “fresh” straps for gifts this season. You’re friends and family will love them, and you’ll receive the gift of knowing your purchase is providing clean to the people of Swaziland!