Customer Spotlight: Blackparr Apparel and The Ruth Project

January 9, 2018

Disclaimer: This post is reflective of our company while under the name Pledgeling and the listed information may be outdated. Please refer to our main company website on Pledge for current information and resources.

Blackparr Apparel is a newly founded small business on a mission to do a couple of things: first, they want to provide quality outdoor apparel. Second, they want to make sure that generations to come have the opportunity to enjoy a pristine outdoor in which to wear that apparel.

The company's founder, Kaylan Coleman, works full-time as a tech salesman in Colorado. He found that he needed a way to balance out being immersed in technology, so he explored his state to experience its natural beauty. He did this primarily through fishing, giving him a reason to trek out to areas he might not otherwise see.

This love of nature led Kaylan to start Blackparr Apparel with the intention of giving back to conservation efforts. The company donates 5 percent of all proceeds toward conservation efforts through Pledgeling.

They've also expanded their conservation efforts through The Ruth Project.

The Ruth Project

The project comes from an urgent place, with Blackparr's page reading "this comes from not knowing if our children would have the same access to the rivers, lakes, or reservoirs that we trek day in and day out."

The Ruth Project operates from the sale of "Ruth Bands," which are beaded bracelets. The great part about them is that up to 15 percent of all proceeds from Ruth Bands go toward fish and wildlife conservation.

Their chosen organizations are the Fish and Wildlife Foundation, Wild Oceans, The Conservation Alliance, and Trout Unlimited.

What is Your Ruth Project?

Blackparr did it, and so can you. If there's something that you feel strongly about and would like to support through your business, Pledgeling can work with you to make that happen.

We have numerous platforms that can approach giving from different angles. From mobile donations to our Give & Grow platform, which allows Shopify businesses to easily implement donations, there's a way that you can use your business to make a change!

At Pledgeling we applaud our small business partners who together make a big impact on bettering our world. Join the over 2,700 businesses that are giving back through Give & Grow and download the app to get started today.