Elevate Your Impact: Top Fundraising Trends and Tips for 2024

December 23, 2023

Hey, Do-gooder! 👋 Ready to conquer the new year with fresh fundraising goals? Here's a curated list of top fundraising trends to dominate 2024 and empower your organization to make a greater impact. Dive into these top trends and tips!

Trend #1: “Recurring Giving First” Mentality 💸

Nonprofits are tapping into recurring giving models, inspired by the success of subscription-based models across industries. Recurring donors contribute 42% more annually than one-time givers, providing a sustainable income stream to achieve your long-term goals. Dana Snyder, CEO of Positive Equation, and recent guest on our Feel Good Fundraising show, recommends a dedicated landing page for your recurring giving program. With Pledge's user-friendly customizable forms, you can launch it effortlessly and showcase your impact metrics to inspire donations.

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Trend #2 AI-Powered Donor Personalization 🤖

The integration of artificial intelligence (AI) is essential for nonprofits to leverage this tool to transform donor engagement. Your organizations should use AI to analyze donor data, predict giving behavior, tailor communication strategies, and fundraise more effectively. By using AI to know more about your donors, you can ultimately create better touch points to enrich your connections and boost donor retention.

Trend #3: Flexible & Multiple Giving Options 💸

As a study by Barna (2023) found, 44% of U.S. adults are digital donors, and 7 out of 10, are open to new forms of giving, and feel confident being generous through digital and electronic tools. When it comes to giving, diversity in donation methods is key. Empower donors to contribute seamlessly with Pledge, offering options that include: Venmo, Paypal, Crypto, Stock, bank transfers, Card payments, and more, including Google and Apple Pay.

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Trend #4 Peer-to-peer Fundraising 👯

Peer pressure for good in 2024? Oh yes! Recent surveys reveal that 45% of individuals are more likely to contribute to a charity supported by friends and family. Three-quarters of donors have participated in multiple peer-to-peer fundraisers. Pledge's P2P fundraising feature allows donors to launch campaigns within minutes, enabling your community to spread generosity in fun ways.

Trend #5: Establishing Communities through Communication & Gratitude 📧🤝

Don’t share and ghost! 👻THANK YOUR DONORS. Activating gratitude is key for stewardship, deepening authenticity, and fostering a sense of belonging. As Becky Endicott, Co-Founder at We Are For Good, shared during a Feel Good Fundraising episode:

"Immediate activation of gratitude becomes a cornerstone for building relationship equity. It's the wellspring for continued engagement as you express gratitude and follow up on their steadfast support."

Trend #6: Moments of Connection - In-person & Hybrid 💞

Hybrid fundraising events are the way to go in 2024, providing flexible participation options. Whether in person or online, fostering meaningful connections strengthens your community and enhances inclusivity. As you begin strategizing on fundraising ideas for the year, consider choosing a fundraising platform that allows flexibility for both. Consider Pledge for versatile fundraising—Live Event Displays, text-to-donate, QR Codes, Donations by Pledge Zoom App, and more! Explore our solutions for impactful fundraising.

During their in-person gala, the United Nations’ Women Peace & Humanitarian Fund raised over $60k in 2 minutes by using both our text-to-donate call-to-action (text WPHF to 707070) as well as a QR Code!

Trend #7: Impactful Collaborations 💜

Collaboration is the key to success in 2024. Nonprofits are actively forging impactful alliances with brands. As E-Comm expert and Co-Founder at Just Startup and Bordrims, Desiree Shank shared during our Feel Good Fundraising episode: "Consumers now expect brands to give back to charity, and luckily, they're paying attention." Giving Tuesday has quickly evolved into a day when brands of all sizes choose to give, creating unique collaboration opportunities. While the goal is to unlock partnerships that give year-round, seize these moments to amplify your reach and harness the collective power of brands committed to making a difference.

Explore tips from Jessica Beatus, former GVP of Impact Solutions at Warner Bros. Discovery and current Chief Impact Officer at Pledge, in this insightful blog post on unlocking successful partnerships.

Ready to make 2024 your most impactful year yet? Embrace these trends, and achieve your fundraising goals. Here's to a year filled with positive change and successful fundraising! 🚀Get all your fundraising needs this year with Pledge - your one-stop shop fundraising platform.