Unlocking Powerful Partnerships: 4 Simple Tips for Nonprofits, by Jessica Beatus. ⭐

September 5, 2023

Did you know that "Barbie: The Movie" goes beyond being Warner Bros. Discovery’s most successful box office hit to date, earning over 1.3 billion and breaking industry barriers? Its vibrant pink aesthetic and empowering storyline for women are just the beginning. The movie is also making a significant impact on girls around the world. Jessica Beatus, Vice President of Social Impact Solutions at Warner Bros. Discovery, teamed up with Mattel and their 'Dream Gap' initiative in collaboration with the global organization Save the Children. Their mission is to empower girls everywhere. Leveraging Pledge's technological fundraising solutions, the movie enabled consumers to contribute by texting 'Barbie' to 707070 or scanning QR codes globally, resulting in a remarkable impact.

This partnership proves that impactful partnerships across sectors—even with a major motion picture—can become a reality. Are you curious about how nonprofits can create such impactful partnerships? Learn valuable insights into fostering nonprofit collaborations like these by exploring the four tips shared directly by Jessica Beatus during Pledge's LinkedIn Live Series, “Feel Good Fundraising”.

1. Understand your size and your scope ⭐

One of the foundational steps in building impactful partnerships is understanding “who you are” and more specifically, what is your organization's size and scope. Are you operating at an international, national, or local level? For example, Jessica Beautus shared that for Warner Bros. Discovery, as an international company, campaigns must at the “bare minimum” have at least national reach. In the case of ‘Barbie: The Movie’ Warner Bros. Discovery, partnered with Save The Children, because of their international presence and audience, using Pledge’s global donation tools!

When you recognize your organization's footprint, you can strategically approach partners whose missions harmonize with yours and set the groundwork for a mutually beneficial partnership. Beautus emphasized that If your organization is hyperlocal you might want to consider doing something that impacts the nearest community, for example, their employees.

2. Be ready to be super flexible! 👀

Define goals & marketing reach to unlock more funds. Understand what the business benefits are. What’s in it for them? Anybody in a Corporate Social Responsibility position, like Jessica, comes in with a set of goals that must be reached. This is where marketing is super important. Is your organization able to promote this on social media? What is the impact of it?

For example, Save the Children shared a newsletter that went to their donor base, which is super helpful to engage individuals who are already committed to their cause. Beatus's advice emphasizes the flexibility of marketing approaches—being adaptable in this aspect can unlock more funding opportunities.

3. Speed is everything ⚡

In the dynamic world of partnerships, speed is of the essence. While it can be challenging for nonprofits to match the pace of businesses, it's crucial to understand that businesses can't slow down to accommodate nonprofits. This is particularly relevant when seeking partnerships with large corporations like Warner Bros. Discovery. Nonprofits should be prepared for quick decision-making and execution. While meticulous review processes remain important, agility is essential to maintain momentum and capitalize on time-sensitive opportunities.

4. Specify impact and communicate clearly 📣

The success of a partnership hinges on the clarity of impact communication. Consumers and stakeholders need to know where their contributions are directed and why they should care about your nonprofit's cause. As Beatus shares in the Feel Good Fundraising episode without a precise understanding of the impact their funds are making, a campaign risks falling short. Simplifying and clarifying the message is pivotal. A concise and unequivocal message resonates with consumers, encouraging them to take action.

In Beatus's words, "Try to pick a lane to communicate clearly," emphasizing the importance of a focused and transparent communication strategy. By understanding your nonprofit’s scope, embracing flexibility, valuing speed, and communicating impact clearly, you can forge partnerships that not only create change but also inspire collaboration and purpose…

Need more inspiration? 💜

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Are you a business wanting to create impactful change like Warner Bros. Discover? No matter if you’re big or small, we have plenty of options. Explore our opportunities to create impact partnerships here. Let’s #PledgeToDoGood, together.