Generosity Water: Linking Brand and Mission

November 30, 2018


It may be difficult for many of us to imagine being prevented access to a cup of coffee or hot tea, let alone clean drinking water. That being said, it still stands that hundreds of millions of people don't have access to healthy drinking water.

At a certain point, large numbers begin to lack humanity and appear as statistics. The hundreds of millions that don't have water don't see it that way, though, and they'll be prevented one of life's basic needs until things change.

What Generosity Water is Doing

Generosity Water is looking to change the lives of those affected, and we're 100 percent on board with their mission. Their operation runs on two fronts: their water and what it does for people in need.

rawpixel-973120-unsplash.jpgFirst, their water is alkalized, maintaining a pH level of 10.0. That means that its contents serve to keep your body's acidity in balance, possibly helping to prevent heart disease and cancer.

Second, for every bottle of water that they sell, two people are given access to clean water for a month. That is huge.

Their contribution helps to improve health, access to education, economic stability, and equality for all those in affected communities. It's often the duty of women and children to spend hours retrieving water, preventing them from accessing an education and experiencing autonomy.

Making the Connection

While the work of Generosity Water is most certainly great, not all customers will understand the scope of their mission just by purchasing a bottle.

Pledgeling has partnered with Generosity Water to help make their mission more apparent to customers. We've worked together to add a text call-to-action on the packaging of every single bottle, so that any customer can easily learn more about the bigger mission of the brand that they're supporting with their purchase.

Try it! Text GENEROSITY to 707070 and you will receive a short video that puts their brand in perspective and offers an easy way for additional donations to be made.

In fact, adding a text call-to-action to product labels is a simple tool to connect with your customers in more meaningful ways about your brand story. People don't always research the products they buy, but they're much more likely to if they can easily text in to learn more and be directed to compelling content.

A lot of times, people just need an easy way to learn about and donate to the causes that they care about. Pledgeling is here to help you land on the best solution for your product so that your brand, too, can start growing through giving!