How to Get Started with Our Zoom App

July 30, 2021

Last week, we launched our Donate button for Zoom through our Donations by Pledge app. If you need help getting started, here are a few tips & tricks we recommend:

  • Watch our step-by-step demo - Our Impact Partnerships Manager, Anna, put together a step-by-step guide to help you get started after downloading the app through Zoom:

  • Head to our Support Page - Our Support Pages have a ton of answers to our most frequently asked questions. Chances are if you have a lingering question, someone else has already answered it for you here! You can also reach our Support Team by completing a new support ticket.
  • Schedule a 1:1 demo - Want someone to help walk you through our onboarding process in real-time? Set up a time with one of our Impact Partnerships team members to get a 1:1 personalized demo.
  • Provide feedback - Want to share your thoughts on how we could make this app better? Or what you absolutely loved about it? Provide us feedback by completing this short survey. As a way of showing our thanks, we’ll donate $25 to a nonprofit of your choice.

Thank you for your support in our #PledgeToDoGood! We are so happy to have you join us in helping make the world a better place, one click of a Donate button at a time.