Ways You Can Help Texas

February 21, 2021

This past week, the state of Texas has faced deadly winter storms that have caused hundreds of thousands to be without power or water, in frigid temperatures. Here are a list of ways you can help give back and help the people of Texas today:

Feeding Texas - A state-branch of Feeding America, this group is working with local food banks throughout the state of Texas to support warming shelters, those experiencing food shortages due to supply chain disruptions and outages, and more.

Austin Area Urban League - This organization provides direct relief to communities for the housing insecure throughout Austin, TX. Throughout this crisis, they have been able to provide food, shelter, water, and clothing to those in need.

Houston Food Bank - Houston's Food Bank is working hard to distribute necessary food and supplies to those in need. They have been providing products to shelters and warming centers as well as to local organizations and partners in need. A donation of $50 can create up to 150 meals.

Austin Disaster Relief Network - This organization is providing shelter and supplies to those directly impacted by the disaster in Austin. Your donations provide relief to those who need emergency shelter, clothing, food, and supplies.

Shelter Ministries of Dallas - This Dallas-based organization has been helping provide shelter and supplies to those in need and without access to housing. They are working to ensure all those without access to heat or basic supplies in the area have access to shelter.

Front Steps - This organization typically works to provide help to those experiencing homelessness, and while that is still on the forefront, it also is running a blanket drive for those in need.

Our Calling - A Dallas-based organization and ministry that helps provide shelter and food to those in need. Their goal after this crisis is to provide permanent, accessible housing to those without it.

Austin Pets Alive - Your furry friends need help too! This organization helps house pets without a home and has faced a crisis of their own, going without power or running water for several days, while working to keep pets across Texas warm and safe during freezing conditions.

Want to benefit multiple charities? Click here to create your very own fundraiser in minutes, which includes a free text-to-donate option and fundraiser page to raise money towards. We thank you for your support to the people of Texas during this time of great need!