How One Nonprofit Raised 5x their Goal Through Virtual Fundraising: A Case Study in Virtual Event Fundraising, Powered by Pledgeling

November 5, 2020

The Pledgeling overlay was fantastic. It was easy for our live event producer to set up, install, and ‘turn on’ the overlay when needed. Now, we’re trying to justify ever going back to an in-person event.

- Yolanda Enoch, SVPLA

Pledgeling is proud to partner with SVP-LA every year to power donations during their annual Fast Pitch competition to drive resources to incredible, local nonprofits. Usually an in-person event held at landmark venues across LA, this year’s event pivoted to a virtual model for the first time given the COVID-19 pandemic. It was their first virtual Fast Pitch event and an incredible success.

“[We] raised more money than we've ever raised, with far fewer attendees than our usual in-person Fast Pitch event”.

On August 6, 2020, ten Los Angeles nonprofit leaders pitched their inspiring missions to solve some of Los Angeles’ biggest challenges after undergoing a ten-week intensive training by SVP-LA coaches. This year’s theme was “Liberating Our Future” and rightfully so, as they discussed solutions for housing and homelessness, criminal justice, community planning and urban mobility, environmental justice and immigration reform.

At a Glance

Social Venture Partners used Donations by Pledgeling to power its first-ever virtual fundraising event on Zoom.


  • Biggest event fundraiser to-date
  • Offered donation match
  • 82% text to donate conversion rate

The virtual donations overlay (above) allows you to display total dollars raised during your virtual event, a real-time donor feed and the donation call-to-action (custom URL and an optional text to donate campaign).

The power of having a live and interactive display during virtual events encourages other viewers to donate and be a part of the exciting experience.

This tool is transformative for today’s fundraising initiatives as nonprofits are increasingly turning to online platforms for virtual events and campaigns.

Thank you once again to SVP Los Angeles for joining us in the #PledgeToDoGood, and congratulations to all ten of the nonprofits represented at Fast Pitch 2020!

SVP-LA used our new virtual donation feature, a product we recently launched to make fundraising easier than ever during virtual events.

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