How to Execute a Successful Text to Donate Fundraising Campaign

April 17, 2020

Pledgeling is proud to be your trusted partner to power donations for COVID-19 response efforts as well as your favorite causes around the world. With 2MM+ verified nonprofits and charitable organizations in our global network, you can be sure that the dollars raised through your fundraising campaigns are reaching the communities who need them most.

Below are important tips and suggestions to support the success of your text to donate fundraising campaigns. From all of us at Pledgeling, thank you for helping to change the world.

Compliance Recommendations

We are not and cannot be your lawyers, but you must include the following language on any social posts or television promotions to avoid trouble with federal regulations and industry standards.

Text WORD to 707070

to donate to NONPROFIT NAME

Msg&data rates may apply. Terms / Privacy Policy.

(The required language after “Text WORD to 707070” can be smaller type, but has to be readable!)

Here are examples of how to include this language in social posts and campaign assets:

A couple more rules…

  • Don’t use any brand or nonprofit name as your campaign “keyword” - the word that people will text to 707070 (unless you’re them!)
  • The keyword can’t have anything to do with alcohol, drugs, illegal activity, anything more than a G-rating… let's keep it clean, friends.

Best Practices for Marketing & Social Media Posts

Tell your network about the campaign and share why your cause is important to you. Set a fundraising goal and share that with people, too. If you plan to go live on social media to talk about your campaign, reiterate the importance on camera! Include the text call-to-action in the imagery & in your caption, so that it's very clear and easy for people to remember.

Best Practices for Live, On-air & Streaming Events

While on-air, weave in the text to donate call-to-action in a heartfelt way to help audiences connect with your cause. This can increase response up to 5x! Many viewers will be watching and a personal appeal makes a huge difference. When the messaging includes storytelling about the organization and the impact being made, it makes it real for listeners and inspires them to give.

If you can, engage on-air talent to take out their phone and walk through the steps to donate so that people watching can follow along:

"Everyone at home, please take out your phone and join me. I'm going to text the word (insert your keyword here) to the number 707070 - and Wow! I just instantly got a text back, clicked the link & made a donation!"

We've seen a 70% lift in conversion when an audience is motivated by the host to donate.