How to Get Comfy for a Cause with Talentless and F*ck Cancer

July 10, 2019

It takes talent to be Talentless and make it pay. And if you can figure out how to make it pay, and pay it forward, all while wearing the sweatpants and hoodies that have garnered their own cult following? Well, that’s just brilliant.

That’s just Scott Disick and Talentless.

In August of 2018, Scott figured out how to good-naturedly thumb his nose at his skeptics and embrace his detractors by flaunting his “Talentless” status. He turned what some might call negative press into a very big positive:

A thriving clothing company he aptly named Talentless.

Talentless proudly sells premium basics, featuring ultra-soft, pigment dyed, potassium-finished 100% cotton hoodies, sweats, and tees for men, women, and kids. Classic looks, quality construction and oh, so comfy!

Sounds wonderful, right?

Yes, but the really wonderful part is,

Scott donates 3% of all net sales to his special charity –

F*ck Cancer.

F*ck Cancer is a passionate nonprofit charity focusing on cancer prevention and early detection, while helping support those going through the challenges of cancer. By promoting health education, community programs, and events, F*ck Cancer is shining a positive light on a dark disease by using wit, humor and above all love. F*ck Cancer brings hope and help to those going through one of the toughest times of their lives.

In addition to Giving Back a portion of each sale, Scott and Talentless have taken the Pledge to Do Good to another level, by also co-hosting dynamic fundraising events with F*ck Cancer.


Well, as they like to say:

“Giving a f*ck and putting all our talents towards increasing screening rates; because every screening that leads to early detection could result in a life saved.”

Did you know that according to F*ck Cancer:

  • The National Cancer Institute spent $3 billion in 2012 on research and treatment of cancer.
  • Only 7.7% of that funding went towards prevention and detection.

Together, Talentless and F*ck Cancer want to change this.

They want to fund increased screening rates, outreach, community healthcare workers, staff time at clinics, incentives and testing.

The Battle Cry of Team Talentless and F*ck Cancer:




Want to get involved?

Join Talentless and F*ck Cancer on all their social channels and help spread awareness by sharing their content. Help support this worthy cause by SHOPPING Talentless and get comfy for a cause!

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