Integrate Mission into Your Business: Customer Spotlight, The Knot

December 11, 2018

**Disclaimer: This post is reflective of our company while under the name Pledgeling and the listed information may be outdated. Please refer to our main company website on Pledge for current information and resources.**

When you think about the many aspects of planning a wedding, it’s both exciting and overwhelming. Today’s couples are invested in ensuring their big day is both thoughtful and highly personalized. So it’s no wonder when you consider everything that comes along with that responsibility, that The Knot helps customers take into account every aspect of their wedding into consideration.

A trend that has become increasingly important to couples, especially millennials, is using their wedding registries to give back. This year The Knot found that up 233% from 2016 to 2017, one in ten couples incorporated charity gifting into their registry in 2017.

In lieu of traditional wedding favors, many couples are choosing to give back to a charity or cause they care about in honor of each guest who attends. A truly thoughtful touch and one that guests appreciate.

In addition, couples are including the charity of their choice right on their gift registry. The Knot did a recent study that showed Millennial guests want to offer a gift that gives back as well. The study found that people ages 18-39 are more likely to donate to a charity the couple has included on their registry, rather than buying a traditional gift.

The Knot gives couples the ability to include charities in their registry, powered by Pledgeling, and to share in the commitment to give back as well. Couples have the option to choose a charity of their choice such as VOW, a global initiative to end child marriage, through The Knot Gifts Back charity registry program. Child marriage happens around the world—even in the U.S.—cutting across countries, cultures, religions, and ethnicities. Each year, VOW estimates there are 12 million girls who are married against their will before they reach 18. Child marriage is not a decision a girl gets to make. It is decided for her and takes away her right to choose if, when and how she wants to get married. The Knot is proud to partner with VOW to help eradicate this global issue. For each qualified gift purchased on a couple’s registry on The Knot, they donate up to 3% to the charity designated at no extra cost to the couple or the guests. Pledgeling is honored to power The Knot's charity search functionality and donation matching for The Knot Gifts Back program.

The Knot understands the importance of integrating purpose into their brand and offering. At Pledgeling we would love to be your Impact Strategy Agency and Technology partner to power good, Contact us today to get started.