Make Your "Movember" Count!

November 26, 2018

**Disclaimer: This post is reflective of our company while under the name Pledgeling and the listed information may be outdated. Please refer to our main company website on Pledge for current information and resources.**

You may have noticed a few more mustaches in your life this month. Whatever your stance is on mustaches, November is the month to let them grow without judgment.

Movember isn't just an excuse not to shave, though. There's a real push to spread the awareness of men's health issues by growing mustaches, no matter how thick or thin they may be.

Suicide prevention, prostate cancer, and testicular cancer are all areas that Movember raises awareness and money for. The Movember Foundation, whose goal is to stop men from dying too young to the above illnesses, is the charity spearheading awareness about men's health issues.

The foundation predicts that it will reduce the premature death of men by 25% before 2030, and they have already funded over 1,200 projects to promote men's health.

What You Can Do to Help

Movember provides a few opportunities to raise money for men's health. First and foremost, you can use your 'stache. Simply sign up, start conversations about your mustache, and generate support by asking family and friends to donate to the foundation.

Second, you can take the month to run or walk to generate awareness. The goal is for your feet to take you 60 miles over the course of the month. Each mile serves to represent one of sixty men we lose to suicide every single hour. Ask someone you know to support your 60 miles by donating to the foundation.

Third, you can host an event in support of men's health. Have a get together of any kind, focusing on the idea that attendees should contribute something to The Movember Foundation. Send the invitations via Pledgeling's partner, Evite, where a donation component can be added within the invite - Try it Here. If you already have an event planned, take it as an opportunity to add purpose to your gathering!

Mr. Pocket Rocket's Contribution

In need of a pocket square? Mr. Pocket Rocket, a site that specializes in unique pocket squares, is contributing 5 dollars from every purchase to The Movember Foundation for the entire month via Give & Grow by Pledgeling.

You're gonna need a pocket square at some point over the next year anyway, so why not make the one you choose matter? Hey, you can even get one with mustaches on it, which is pretty fitting.

If you want to contribute to The Movember Foundation's mission, Pledgeling makes it easy for your Shopify store to incorporate donations into the customer experience with our Give & Grow feature. It takes five minutes to incorporate the feature, and your customers will have the opportunity to donate and make this Movember count.

Want to learn more about how your business can integrate mission and give back? Contact us @plegeling and let's talk about how we can make the world a better place - together! Pledgeling offers a variety of tools for businesses of all sizes and we'd love to be your Impact Strategy and Donations Technology partner. Join us along with over 2,500 brands who have made the #PledgeToDoGood.