Meet Alex, the 10-Year-Old Hero Who Helped Us Reach $100,000,000 🌟💜

November 7, 2023

Little did Alex Baker know the impact that he was about to make when he pledged his 10th birthday to a cause close to his heart, as featured in People Magazine, Upworthy, ANF News, and 11 Alive. Alex, rather than asking for gifts, used his Evite birthday invitation, powered by Pledge, to ask for donations to Children’s Hospital of Atlanta, where he received life-saving treatment for croup multiple times. This selfless decision sparked an impactful chain of generosity! ✨

Watch as Alex finds out that his decision helped Pledge achieve $100,000,000 in donations🥹:

💌Alex, your generosity inspires us all…

THANK YOU for showing the incredible impact one person can have, regardless of age. You're our Pledge hero! 💜

James Citron, CEO of Pledge with Alex at Children’s Healthcare in Atlanta.

You, too, can celebrate and honor Alex’s birthday wish to give back to Children's Healthcare of Atlanta. Text ALEX to 707070 or donate here:

We hope Alex’s story brings as much light to your life as he has to ours. Continue to be part of our journey to change the world here. Join us in celebrating this incredible milestone and, like Alex, keep making a difference with Pledge! Thank you for your #PledgeToDoGood 💜

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