How Parks California Used Our New Donate Button for Zoom to Maximize Donations

August 5, 2021

Parks California recently hosted a fundraiser to support their PORTS program (Parks Online Resources for Teachers and Students). This program hosts virtual park tours by the State Parks interpretive rangers who participate as part of the PORTS team, supported by Parks California. PORTS recently marked an impressive milestone, providing the virtual parks experience to over 1 million individuals.

This specific event’s goal was to raise funds to allow the program to continue, providing the ability to experience the beautiful state parks while in the safety of individuals’ own homes while the pandemic has continued to impact much of our ability to travel while also celebrating the recent collaboration with two local brewing companies of the release of their new Park Hopper beer, the benefits the organization. And when hearing about Pledge’s new Donate button for Zoom, the team at Parks California felt it was a seamless solution to being able to accept donations during the live-streamed event.

“We worked with Pledge on fundraising using the Zoom platform and the Pledge app, and also using the text-to-donate tool. The Pledge team made it easy, fun and effective. They acted like part of our non-profit organization in their commitment to our success and their unmitigated availability for set up, testing, and participation in the event to ensure everything went smoothly. We look forward to working with Pledge again and regularly.”

Kindley, President and CEO of Parks California, joined from Asilomar Beach in Monterey, California. This allowed attendees at the event to see the parks they were impacting first-hand with their donations, all through a virtual Zoom call. Then, by allowing attendees to then easily donate within the Zoom experience made it all the more frictionless and easy to meet their fundraising goals.

In the end, the team was able to raise over $3,000 in 30 minutes, offering a huge impact towards their organization’s future efforts, without any of the hassle.

Interested in learning more about our new Donate button for Zoom? Click here to learn more and see how you can add it to your Zoom account today.