Passion and Purpose in the New Year: How Your Company Can and Should be Giving Back

January 2, 2019

**Disclaimer: This post is reflective of our company while under the name Pledgeling and the listed information may be outdated. Please refer to our main company website on Pledge for current information and resources.**

We hear the same New Year's resolution stories a million times. You make a decision to change something, and though your intentions are good - that "thing" doesn't change. If you're one of the lucky ones who can make changes stick, more power to you: you're a rockstar.

This year, though, how about a change that reaches beyond ourselves? The potential that your business has to make a difference is incredible, and Pledgeling is here to help you make a change for GOOD that actually sticks.

What your brand stands for is becoming more important all the time, and consumers are continually reinforcing that fact. In this article, we'll talk about how consumers feel about brands with purpose as well as ways that you can integrate purpose into your business in 2019.

First, Define Your Strategy

What are the methods of giving that you would like to employ this coming year?

If you're trying to raise money for a cause, then make it easy for people to donate. There are variety of tools that Pledgeling offers to businesses of all sizes to give back while engaging their customers (and employees!) in the process.

Text-to-Donate allows you to add a call-to-action to your product packaging, your events, your social media platforms, and any broadcasts you might send out. The idea is simple: customers text, receive a video and explanation of the cause, then they're given the chance to donate right then and there through their mobile phones. This can lead to an average of 4x text open rates and 3x share rate on content that includes social impact.

Own an eCommerce store? Our Give & Grow option allows you to make your Shopify store a conduit for customer donations almost immediately. The feature takes roughly five minutes to set up, it's free to install, and you're given a database of causes to associate your store with. Fast, simple and impactful.

There are a lot of ways to give, so you have options that will fit well into your business model. Pledgeling has helped over 2,700 businesses do this, and we make it easy on you and everyone who donates.

Next, Find Your Causes

What does your company's culture care most about? What do your customers care about? What does your brand stand for?

There's a lot of research to support the claim that customers want companies that care. In fact, 90% of consumers said that they would actually switch to a competing brand because of a cause. 92% said that they have a more positive image of a company that gives. 88% are more loyal to companies associated with a cause, and 87% would buy a product over another simply because it had a social impact. (Cone Communications CSR Studies 2016, 2017)

Find a cause that you and your customers care about. If you're having trouble choosing, take a poll of your employees or send out an email survey to get a better feel for what matters to those around you. Pledgeling is also hear to help as not only your technology partner, but your impact agency to help define your giving strategy and cause alignments.

So, while your company's ideals and values should come first, don't forget your customer base. Giving can actually help you grow -- in fact, it can lead to up to a 20% increase in revenue. Doing good is truly good for business.

Always Incorporate Community

When you're thinking of how to give back this year, don't forget your community. It's easy to get swept up in larger causes and forget those issues closer to home (don't get me wrong, national and international are extremely important). Think about causes that will relate to your customers and target audiences, and how you might support them locally as well as globally.

Giving back to your own community can result in a number of wonderful things. Whether you organize your staff to volunteer or contribute to a local non-profit, you're benefiting the very people who work to make your company tick and the community where it all happens.

Don't Forget: Share Your Impact

Make sure to let everyone know just what's being done as a result of your efforts. Incorporate an Impact Calculator onto your website that lets customers and employees alike understand the good that's being done through your brand.

Letting people know what is being done can serve a couple of purposes. First, it lets customers know that their dollars will be actually be used for good. They'll want to join in when they see your progress. And, most importantly, they will feel a part of your impact story.

Second, it encourages everyone to get involved. You'll be proud to display your results and your customers will be proud to support you.

Pledgeling offers customizable Impact Calculators that are embeddable on any site and display your results in real time. The calculator can look and feel like your brand, while supporting any cause of your choice. Here are two examples:

Now, Let's Get Started!

The new year is here! Contact us if you have any questions or concerns about how to start giving this year and what it could mean for your business. Join the 3,000-plus businesses who have partnered with Pledgeling to Grow Through Giving!