Pledgeling Partner Holiday Shopping Guide!

December 13, 2018

Holiday-Gift-Guide.pngAt Pledgeling, we partner with a lot of really great organizations. Many of which are stores that sell fantastic gifts. With the holidays upon us, we figured it would be the perfect time to inspire some last minute holiday shopping purchases.

You can take heart in knowing that all of the stores featured in this guide will put your dollars toward meaningful causes. You'll be able to shop for everyone in the family, from jewelry to guitars to customizable phone cases and blankets with your pet's faces on them.

You can choose to shop for items that you know people will love, or be inspired to shop based on causes that they will love. Either way, your purchase will make a difference. Well, enough reasoning! Let's get to it:


Consider some well-chosen jewelry or accessory for that special someone on your list. Take a peek at a few of our partners that sell beautifully unique jewelry pieces:

The Giving Keys

The Giving Keys is an organization that sells motivational necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. They're even including a mystery key-necklace with every purchase right now.

Their goal is to end homelessness, one job at a time. A portion of each purchase made at their business goes toward providing work hours for people experiencing homelessness. Work is one of the biggest factors in whether or not a person will transition out of homelessness, and the Giving Keys has created over 145,000 hours of work so far.

Plus, their jewelry is really beautiful. Take a look at some of it HERE.

Le Menagerie

Le Menagerie is a range of chic and charming laser cut animal origami necklaces, brought to you from designers Rich & Fran from London.

Each of their geometric jewelry is precision cut from ultra durable and quality stainless steel, and plated in gold or Sterling silver to protect it against the elements and everyday wear. Choose from an entire menagerie of animals that include Koalas, Penguins, Bears, Cats and even Penguins! And each piece gives back 5% to the World Wildlife Fund. Start Shopping HERE.



Zox is a business that sells handmade wristbands. Jason, the company's founder, created his first wristband as a way to match his lemon-lime Nikes.

He wore his creation that day and found that he wanted to keep wearing it. He showed it to his friends and family who wanted to sit down with him and make some for themselves. The love for the bracelets kept expanding, and it led Jason and his brothers to start the company.

To this day, Zox bracelets are authentic, original, and created with positivity in mind. They've also expanded their selection to include hoodies, sweatshirt strings, and imperials.

To top it off, every order made on the site leads to a person getting a year of clean drinking water. Every Order. You can browse some of Zox's cool designs and products here.

Mindful Bohemian

The quirky, stylish, free-spirited fashionista in your life will love pretty much everything on Mindful Bohemian's site. They have a knack for selling accessories along with jewelry and clothing that falls somewhere between "out there" and casual.

Every kind of item they sell has an eclectic variety of products. Also, your dollars will work toward providing clean water for people in need.

Mindful Bohemian has already provided just under 300 people with a year's access to clean drinking water. That's pretty fantastic.


Can't think of more universally approved item than a comfy cool T or an awesome sweater, and when it gives back - even better!

Asher Kate

Asher Kate's mission is to use their business to fuel those things in their customers' lives that lead to happiness. Their store provides high-quality clothing that is affordable and created by dozens of designers who understand when to use flair and when to keep things simple.

They partner with multiple charities, host a volunteer program, and sponsor upcoming women who want to have careers as stylists. Your contribution to their business will get sent back out into one of their partner charities, and you'll end up with a unique, stylish gift.

You can browse some of their new arrivals HERE.


As their site says "Show him some love, BN3TH fits like a glove".

At BN3TH, they create engineered apparel focusing on men's underwear for all to feel confident in. Over time, they evolved as a company to begin championing a full range of apparel for any and every customer, endeavor, occasion, climate and style. They prioritize providing uncompromising support in the staple pieces that have a noticeable physical and mental impact on everyday life.

Check out their site to SHOP and get some great items for that special guy in your life, featuring some fun limited edition holiday style. Even better, you can feel great knowing BN3TH donates $3 from every order to both Surfrider Foundation and Protect Our Winters.

Goodnight Macaroon

Goodnight Macaroon offers on-trend, cute casual clothing for women. From the perfect comfy sweater to velvet holiday tops, you'll delight and surprise someone on your list for sure.

Winter weather can't put a damper on these unique fun looks. Your perfect gift giving awaits HERE.

$1 will be given to 12 causes for each order made including Boys & Girls Club, Charity Water, Feeding America, United Way, Humane Society, WWF, Unicef, Food for the Poor, Salvation Army, Task Force for Global Health and Teach for America!


Whether you're shopping for kids or the young parents in your life who need all of the supplies they can get, we've got you covered.

La Romi

La Romi makes custom products from scratch, and contribute 3 percent of their sales to fight tropical diseases. The company stores its own materials and creates orders as they come in.

Doing things the other way around might mean turning a higher profit, but La Romi doesn't outsource any of their work and their products are all individually made. That's pretty neat.

They make everything from baby carriers to blankets to bibs. In other words, they carry things that the young parents in your life could definitely use. Browse their products here.

Bug & Bees

Bug & Bees is a 'Mommy-owned' company out of California that's primary purpose is to give back to children through their sales. In fact, 10 percent of all their profits go toward one of the three children-centered organizations that customers can choose from.

They sell a range of children's clothing, including everything from footies to PJs to rompers. Not only do you get a unique style for your gift, but you actually know where your contributions to the company are going. That means the kids will love the clothes and the parents will love the fact the product contributes to something greater.

You can browse Bug & Bees products HERE.

Purveyor 24

Purveyor 24 is ready to meet the demand to outfit the trend-setting mini-fashionista in your life. They seek to offer a variety of fashionable yet affordable kids clothing while giving back, what the store refers to as "a fashion ministry of sorts".

They've got cool duds for boys and girls, and even spotted clothing for Mom too (one for them, one for you). SHOP what's trending now.

10% of each product 7 causes including Compassion International, The Birthday Party Project, CURE Childhood Cancer, Lighthouse for the Blind of Fort Worth, Frisco Student Fastpacs, Minnies Food Pantry, and Frisco Family Services.

Miscellaneous Gifting

Sometimes you just have to come up with a random or funny gift for someone in your life. Either that or you need to come up with something practical in a pinch.

We've got a number of partners that can come in handy during those pinches as well:

Sunfield Music Store

Sunfield Music Store provides a wide range of musical equipment, much of it custom made. They carry a lot of guitars that are considered "classic" as well, except they are replicated.

That means you can get quality equipment for reasonable prices. This is a great option for the budding musician in your family who deserves a quality present this year. Sometimes it's the cool instrument that can make a youngster find a passion for music.

You can browse Sunfield's guitars here.

Additionally, you can choose to put part of your purchase toward St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. They have raised over 1,000 dollars through Pledgeling's Give & Grow platform.

Urban Owl

Urban Owl rolls out the welcome mat - literally. From welcome mats that express a love for furry friends, to holiday sentiments, you'll be sure to find one that will bring a smile to your guests as they arrive at your home.

5% of each doormat sold is donated to Missouri Pit Bull Rescue, a non-profit whose mission is to promote responsible pit bull ownership, provide breed education, combat pet overpopulation, fight unfair legislation, and find qualified homes for sound pit bulls in Missouri. Check them all out HERE.


Illuminidol makes custom candles with re-vamped images of your favorite celebrities, loved ones, or yourself. Your options are pretty endless; you can put anyone's face onto these candles to spark a laugh when the present is opened.

That being said, going with Beyonce or Bill Murray would be safe bets. It's a great gift for the person who you know a little about, but aren't sure what they would really like. A candle can always be used, and it doesn't hurt when there's a funny image involved.

Illuminidol also puts 10 percent of their proceeds toward one of their supported charities.

Don't Stop There!

If you're throwing a gathering or work party, consider implementing giving into those as well! Evite allows you to send online invitations that allow guests to contribute to a cause when they receive them.

Pledgeling is also here to help your Shopify business incorporate giving through Give & Grow. Setting up an option for donation takes only a few minutes, gives you an opportunity to make a real impact, and you can show your customers just how much both of you are doing to make a difference.

Contact us if you have any questions or would like to learn more about how you can grow through giving!!