Stand Up For Heroes: The Bob Woodruff Foundation Going Mobile

December 7, 2018


The Bob Woodruff Foundation continued in its tradition of hosting a wonderful Stand Up For Heroes benefit this year. The benefit is an annual piece of the New York Comedy Festival that has a history of providing audiences with performances from the biggest names in comedy and music, all while addressing the issues that our veterans experience every day.

The event took place on November 5th at the Hulu Theater at Madison Square Garden, boasting performances from Jon Stewart, Bruce Springsteen, and more.

Stand Up For Heroes has the dual purpose of spreading awareness and raising funds to directly improve the lives and futures of our service members.

Pledgeling had the honor of managing the fundraising of this event, and we're excited to have given people a seamless method of donating through our Text to Donate feature. This was the Bob Woodruff Foundation's first time using mobile donations.

“Our biggest annual fundraiser Stand Up for Heroes involves hosting almost 6,000 attendees in one room. We’ve been hunting for the right partner to help us optimize technology to increase audience participation and fundraise during the show. Pledgeling offered us live donation tracking, customizable visuals to share on stage, and most importantly an intuitive user interface. Multiple event attendees provided unprompted feedback on how smooth the Text To Donate process was.”
– Anne Marie Dougherty, Executive Director, Bob Woodruff Foundation
Text to Donate is simple. There's no fluff, no hoops, and no distractions. You just need to text, click, and give.

If you want to donate to the Bob Woodruff Foundation, for example, you simply text HERO to 707070.

The process is just as seamless for businesses as well. We help you every step of the way.

1. Videos Drive Donations

We'll work with you to create a compelling video that shows clearly the importance of your cause. Over half of online donations are given after the person has viewed a video for the cause, and most of those donations are given via a mobile device (Google).

2. Intuitive Platform

The platform is straightforward and intuitive, which means that digital skills or lack thereof won't play any part in how easy it is for you to feel like a mobile messaging wizard.

3. It's Your Campaign, We Get That

That means viral marketing, user acquisition, and communication strategy are all things that you'll navigate with ease. Beyond that, you'll have quick access to your campaign's stats and progress.

We're proud to assist the Bob Woodruff Foundation in achieving its goals this year through mobile donations. Mobile matters, and we're happy to help you to make it seamless.

Contact us today to get started on your campaign to Grow Through Giving!

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