Partner Highlight: What Happened When an E-Commerce Company Took the #PledgeToDoGood

October 23, 2019

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How an E-Commerce Company took the #PledgeToDoGood

There’s one thing we and the companies we serve all have in common—our shared commitment to making the world a better place. We’re helping more than 4,000 companies partner with nonprofit organizations that use their influence to improve the world in whatever way means most to them.

One such business is Zox, a company that creates unique wristbands and dedicates a portion of its sales to benefit The Thirst Project, the world’s largest youth water organization.

Zox and The Thirst Project have pledged to help citizens in Swaziland gain access to water.

Selling Wristbands Can Save Lives

Swaziland is one of the smallest countries in Africa. Of the 1.25 million people who live there, 40% are unemployed and 63% live in poverty. Access to water is a big problem for a majority of Swaziland. Women and children often spend huge portions of the day retrieving water. Carrying heavy jugs to and from water sources prevents women from having time to work, children from going to school, and generations from finding prosperity.

Because of the income disparity in Swaziland, Zox decided this is where they wanted to make an impact. Through the efforts of Zox and The Thirst Project, they have impacted over 400,000 people in Swaziland, building wells that provide clean water to the communities who need it most.

These wells reduce water-related deaths by over 20% and greatly improve sanitation. Teams ensure that communities are equipped with latrines and proper sanitation techniques that can further reduce water-related deaths. When properly maintained, these wells can last up to forty years.

Together, Zox and The Thirst Project are making a generational impact for the people of Swaziland!

Want Your Brand to Have Purpose?

Donating directly is an excellent way to make a difference, but there’s more. Brands find an overwhelming response when they incorporate giving into their business platform.

Customers want to engage with brands that align with their values, and water quality is a cause that nearly everyone can get behind.

If you’re looking to grow through giving, you’re in luck; Pledgeling helps thousands of companies, like Zox, to partner with charitable causes and provide a seamless donation experience for the customer.

Contact us to learn more. Take the #PledgeToDoGood and start growing through giving today!