Ways to Give for Good with Pledge Charity Gift Cards This Holiday Season

November 4, 2022

It’s (almost) the most wonderful time of the year again! And as many of us know, finding the “perfect” gift for your loved ones, clients, or colleagues can be a stressful experience. The holiday season is also an important time to give thanks and show appreciation for what we have and help those less fortunate. Now with Pledge Charity Gift Cards, you’re able to provide an eco-friendly gift and unique gift, while also doing good! Best part? It only takes a few minutes to send your gift:

First, you can select a gift card design of your choosing - or upload your own! Then, enter the amount you would like to give, along with the recipient’s details. Have a big list of do-gooders? All you have to do is upload a .csv list for easy input! From there, select a preferred date & time you’d like the gift card to be delivered. And voila! You’re ready to go.

And while your recipient may choose from our database of 2M+ nonprofits, you can also provide recommendations of nonprofits for them to select!

Sounds great, right? We think so too! If you are wondering how you can give for good this holiday season, here are a few ideas to help get you started:

1. A Heartfelt Gift for Loved Ones 👪

For many of us, the most exciting part of this time of year is finding a unique & meaningful gift for someone we care about. We want to fill their stockings with all that makes them happy: a new book, comfy fuzzy socks, and an awesome pair of headphones. But few things make a more heartfelt gift than one that gives back.

What about something that tangibly changes someone’s life for the better, especially during this season of hope & giving? With a Pledge Gift Card, the opportunity to make a difference in someone else's life is truly priceless. Even $1 can sponsor a warm meal for 10 families in need through organizations like Feeding America.

2. Engage Your Team in a Meaningful Way 🧑‍💻

According to a Giving USA 2022 Report, corporate giving has been on the rise for the past few years, with an estimated increase of 23.8%, totaling $21.08 billion (18.3% adjusted for inflation). Enhance your CSR strategy & do good by offering an impactful gift that aligns with your company values. This gives an opportunity for your team, clients, and investors to end the year making a true difference to the causes they care about the most. You can also suggest organizations, such as one your company supports as part of your CSR strategy or nonprofits that need more help this time of year, like Toys for Tots.

3. A White Elephant Gift They’ll Actually Use 🎁

While we love a fun gifting moment, it can be unsustainable with the item ending up in a pile of junk only a few months later. With a Pledge Gift Card, you are able to give for good in a way that is both unique & sustainable. This allows your White Elephant recipient an opportunity to give back to a cause they care about most, which to most, is more meaningful than adding another soap bar to your collection.

4. As a Way to Say “Thanks” 💜

Do you have a special person in your life, whether it be a teacher, friend, or neighbor that helped you in an impactful, lasting way? There is truly no better way to say thank you for everything they do than through a gift that gives for good! You can recommend an organization that they feel most connected to, or one that supports their work, such as Teachers Treasures, Nurse Heroes, or CoachArt.

5. For the Host Who Does the Most 🙏

We all know someone that always goes above & beyond for every event, especially during the holidays. In lieu of the typical host gifts, such as a notebook or candle, give them the chance to make a difference! Or if you’re the host, whether it be for a birthday party, bridal or baby shower, or wedding, offering a special gift to your guests that is both memorable and delightful to show your appreciation for their attendance.

6. Celebrate a Milestone or Major Accomplishment 🎓

There is nothing better than celebrating one’s success than with an impactful gift. Whether it be a graduation or job promotion, show your excitement by allowing them to give back to a nonprofit or cause they support, or one that connects to the occasion, such as Project GRAD or the Thurgood Marshall College Fund.

7. Just Because! ⭐

You never need a specific reason to give back! And with Pledge Gift Cards, you’re able to provide the gift of impact directly to someone’s inbox in merely minutes. This allows them to feel special & appreciated by supporting a cause they care about the most, and may even pay it forward by doing the same for someone else.

We hope these ideas of ways you can give for good with Pledge Charity Gift Cards sparked inspiration for you to make this holiday season extra special for you & your loved ones. To give the gift of positive impact for the holiday season & beyond, get started here!