Rhode Skincare by Hailey Rhode Bieber

Sales Pledged to Causes
Women Supported


Rhode is a skincare brand launched by Hailey Rhode Bieber in 2022, pioneering a new philosophy in accessible & high-quality skincare. The brand is built on three core pillars: women's health now, guaranteed income for moms, and the future of work. Rhode aims to lift up organizations that dismantle some of the barriers that all women face every day - including non-binary, trans, non-cis, and all women-identified persons - and support them in the pursuit of their long-term goals.

The Challenge

Prior to launching Rhode, they wanted to align the brand with their commitment to impact and were searching for a way to support multiple causes reflective of their core pillars. It was important to build this into the brand ethos from day one in order to establish customer relationships that would help to achieve their social impact goals. Pledge uniquely offers both the fundraising technology for brands like Rhode, through our award-winning Shopify app 'Give & Grow' - as well as a donor-advised fund (DAF) solution, which enables them to support multiple nonprofits and to change the nonprofit recipients during times of need. For a high-profile and fast-growing skincare brand like Rhode, these products were the perfect solution to address their needs.

The Solution

Give & Grow

Rhode partnered with Pledge to create a custom fund called the Rhode Futures Foundation with a goal to invest & support 1,000 women by 2023, particularly women of color. Rhode has committed a minimum of 1% of sales to support the efforts of 3 different nonprofit organizations and the women they serve, including: Accion Opportunity Fund, Black Mamas Matter Alliance, and the LIFT Family Goal Fund. In addition to these, they added a fourth emergency response pillar in order to provide support to organizations on the frontlines in times of crisis or urgent need. To date, the Rhode Futures Foundation, powered by Pledge, has provided financial support to the Robb Elementary School Memorial Fund, the National Network of Abortion Funds, Plan C, and the AFIYA Center. Thanks to the contributions of customers and the work of their partners, Rhode has supported more than 3,015 women in just seven months.

Cassie Fowler
Chief Brand Officer, Pledge

The Rhode brand is inextricably tied to impact and we are proud to be their partner in powering the Rhode Futures Foundation. Everyday we see Rhode customers making a difference through their product purchases, which are changing lives in measurable and meaningful ways. We're grateful for the commitment of Hailey and the Rhode team to support women and their families from day one of their launch.