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Our Mission

Clowns Without Borders defends the right to play. For 25 years, we've inspired resilience through laughter with people in refugee camps, conflict zones, and crises.

As clowns, we SEE the people we’re performing for.

In fact, we're performing WITH them! Together with audience members, we twist our bodies, we make funny faces, we juggle ridiculous items, and above all, we laugh.

Our clowns aren’t solving geopolitics, preventing global conflict, or taking away trauma. We’re simply showing up — and showing people that they matter enough to laugh, play, and have an extraordinary day.

How Your Donations Help

  • $50 brings 4 people to a clown show, 2024, in Hatay, Türkiye

Our Impact

Clowns Without Borders posted an impact story
about 1 year ago — Turkey

“You came all the way here for us?” This was the sentiment heard over and over at clown shows for earthquake survivors just six weeks after disaster struck Turkey and Syria. From March 22 – 28th, Clowns Without Borders (CWB)-USA brought comedy, music, and color to children, parents, grandparents, and aunts and uncles who had lost so much. Communities who had been seeing rubble and smelling death for a month met our artists with a mixture of curiosity and anticipation. Clown parades, limbo games, and plate spinning shifted the crowd’s mood. People experienced: respite from trauma, a reminder that they’re still able to feel joy, and a reminder that they’re loved by strangers. For many communities, this was the first time anyone attended to their well-being beyond shelter, food, and water. Akara was there when the earthquake hit. A young English teacher in Kahramanmaras, Turkey, she saw buildings collapse and heard the cries of people who’d lost loved ones. But six weeks after the quake, Akara heard a new sound. She heard children’s excitement and overheard one tell another, “They’re foreigners from very far away here to play with us.” Kids’ expressions transformed into awe as they met their first clown. The clowns didn’t use props so kids could tap into their imagination. No one wanted the magic to end.✨🎪 Akara said, “This is so important for the children. Please come back.”

Causes We Support

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United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

4 - Children learn through play. 5 - The majority of our audiences are women and children. Our performances address gender equality and preventing sexual and gender based violence. 10 - All people have the right to education, freedom of expression, nationality, and safety. We seek to promote these rights especially for asylum seekers, refugees, and people who have been forcibly displaced. 17 - We work across sectors to meet these goals

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