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Our Mission

One To Many is publicly operating as Teach For Pakistan

I. History and Future:

Teach For Pakistan was founded in 2010, based on the global model of Teach For All and with support from our incubating partner, The Aman Foundation. The organization was incorporated in 2011 with the name "Teach For Pakistan" and operated as part of the Aman group of companies until 2016. All historical financial and operational materials shared in this application are from this last phase in Teach For Pakistan's journey. Teach For Pakistan has started its next chapter as a new organization with an independent board and diverse funding base. This new entity is legally registered as "One To Many", a non-profit company incorporated in May 2017. We operate publicly under the name "Teach For Pakistan" by virtue of our agreement with Teach For All, the global organization that owns the trademark.

Teach For Pakistan is now headed by Khadija Shahper Bakhtiar, who originally co-founded the program in partnership with Aman in 2010, and led the work as CEO and Advisory Board member until 2015. We carry with us six years of learning in program and organizational development, and the commitment of over a hundred Alumni and former staff.

II. Mission and Vision: Teach For Pakistan leverages our country's most promising young talent to create a multiplier effect on the education system.

We recruit and train top graduates and young professionals from all fields for a two-year Fellowship, and place them to teach in struggling schools in low-income communities.

During their two year commitment, Fellows work with their students, school staff and parents to transform learning and life-outcomes for children.

After the Fellowship, our Alumni use their experiences to tackle Pakistan's most pressing problems in education, fostering action to change policy and curriculum, mobilizing resources, turning around schools, and spurring social innovation. Collectively, this movement aims to reform the system so that every child in Pakistan has the opportunity to participate in an education that nurtures them to become loving, thinking and engaged citizens.

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