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UN Women USA

UN Women is the global champion for gender equality, working to develop and uphold standards and create an environment in which every woman and girl can exercise her human rights and live up to her full potential. We are trusted partners for advocates and decision-makers from all walks of life, and a leader in the effort to achieve gender equality. UN Women USA is an independent non-profit, 501c3 organization that supports UN Women programs. These projects promote social, political, and economic equality for women and girls spanning 100 countries around the globe. In the past, UN Women has offered support such as: Opening women’s access to finance and expanding employment options in Pakistan, resulting in secure employment for 1,000 women and growing. Training more than 6,000 women in marketing and business management in Ethiopia. Extending paralegal services for survivors of domestic violence in the marginalized Roma communities of Bosnia and Herzegovina, leading to a 50-per-cent increase in requests for help. Launching “Safe Cities Free of Violence against Women and Girls” in several cities. Formerly known as the U.S. National Committee for UN Women.


NetHope's mission has a clear focus: to be a catalyst for collaboration among international humanitarian organizations. By working together to solve problems and share knowledge, we help ensure that our members have access to the best information and communication technology and practices when serving people in the developing world. We do this by working across our membership as a highly collaborative team, solving common technology problems, fostering strong relationships with private industry, and educating our members and the wider community of humanitarian organizations worldwide.

Equality Now

Equality Now creates linkages between the voices and experiences of women and girls and the governmental, community and private institutions that govern their lives; mobilizes national and international public pressure on behalf of their stated needs; and brings together individuals and organizations sharing this common vision of human equality.

Global Fund for Women

We are a global champion for the human rights of women and girls. We use our powerful networks to find, fund, and amplify the courageous work of women who are building social movements and challenging the status quo. By shining a spotlight on critical issues, we rally communities of advocates who take action and invest money to empower women.

Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan

Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan being non-political, non-governmental and non-profit organization is committed to serving humanity especially vulnerable and orphans without any kind of discrimination to contribute in their well-being of health, education, financial sustainability, livelihood, shelter, availability of clean water, mosques, savage of disaster and other aspects of life. We also pay attention to the the welfare of our employees by means of resource mobilization and developing partnership with NGOs and other concerned public and private organizations. Our volunteers remain satisfied by providing their support and engaging in different useful programs and doing all such acts that are required to achieve our goal to help others with integrity.

Kachhi Community Development Association

Facilitate self-help development through community leadership with the active and productive role of marginalized segments including women.

Clean Air Initiative for Asian Cities (CAI-Asia) Center, Inc.

Our mission is to reduce air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions in Asia and contribute to a more livable and healthy Asia for everyone, both now and in the future. Working in partnership with stakeholders from throughout the world to reduce air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions, Clean Air Asia is having, and will continue to have, a major impact by being a platform for change.

Fifty Shades of Aid

Fifty Shades of Aid CIC is an online community and global network that supports professional aid workers, and helps them meet the challenges that come with this line of work. We provide a protected online space in which aid workers can discuss these challenges frankly and honestly, find support from peers and access appropriate expertise. We also campaign for better safeguarding of aid staff at work. Fifty Shades of Aid CIC also provides members with additional services such as newsletters, personal action resources, support to individuals in need and access to providers of key services.

Circle Women Association

Circle Women Association (CIRCLE) mission is women's empowerment through advocacy, digital literacy, technology and innovative entrepreneurship labs. We believe investing in women is critical for Pakistan's economic progress, prosperity and peace. Pakistan has one of the lowest female labor force participation rates in the region at 25%. All our initiatives are designed to focus on women in particular and youth to build their capacity using digital literacy, digital skills and business. Our instructors are women so they can build confidence, trust and rapport with women beneficiaries. Tech Karo, our flagship initiative is a pioneering effort to bring women into tech sector and focus on digital skills. It is now in its fourth year and is supported by Engro Foundation. She Loves Tech is the world's largest women and start up competition which was brought to Pakistan in 2017. It is now the worlds largest women and start up competition and Pakistan has been a partner for 5 years. She Loves Tech has become the country's leading platform for showcasing women startups, connecting them with mentors and ecosystem players and supporting their journey. It is now inspiring thousands of women and girls across the country to believe in themselves, explore technology and entrepreneurship. Digital literacy project (DLP) was designed under the pandemic with the support of UN Women to bring digital digital literacy, digital tools and basics of business to women home based workers who had been adversely impacted by the pandemic. The programme was delivered using smartphones so women could join from their homes. Internet access was also provided for the project period. Based on the positive response, CIRCLE worked with nearly 400 women in 2021 with the support of UN Women. DLP is building the foundation for a Digital Pakistan and bridging the digital gender divide. By 2022, CIRCLE will reach 10,000 women directly through its digital and business skills initiatives and 100,000 women by amplifying impact and building women to share skills with their community. By 2025, CIRCLE aim is to reach 1 million women through its impactful initiatives. The strategy focuses on strong local partners to identify the pipeline of women, teams of instructors and volunteers, systems and processes and building local women as catalysts for change who will share their skills and learnings with other women in their family and community. e. V.

Labdoo is a non-profit global platform where people around the world collaborate to bring unused laptops loaded with powerful educational software to needy schools using CO2-neutral means. Labdoo is a global collaborative project founded in 2010 with the dream to make education accessible to every child on the planet by repurposing computer devices. Since then, Labdoo has spread to more than 135 countries helping more than 600 thousand students through hundreds of hubs and thousands of volunteers that engage by collecting, preparing and bringing educational devices to more than 2000 schools globally. Everyone involved in the Labdoo Project is a volunteer and none of our members receives any remuneration for the time contributed to the cause, other than the satisfaction of seeing the joy of a child receiving education. We are just ordinary people working for an extraordinary cause. Join us!


The mission of Ayúdame3D is to create and provide 3D-printed prosthetic devices to people with limb differences, regardless of their socioeconomic status. The organization aims to promote a culture of inclusion, empowerment, and innovation, by leveraging technology, education, and community engagement. Ayúdame3D envisions a world where every person with a disability has access to affordable and functional assistive devices that enable them to live with dignity, independence, and full participation in society.

Al-Zohra Welfare Association D.S.W(645)-K 1991

Our mission is to deliver high quality education, skill building and training along with moral and ethical values to encourage students to become confident and responsible citizens. we provide all this at a reasonable cost. Our aim is to assist the destitute with ration and any monetary help they may require. We endeavor to make them independent so that they may be an asset to society. Our goal is to help these individuals to utilize their full potential and achieve excellence in all spheres of life.