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SafeWaterSports-Hellenic Society for Safety in Water Sports and water recreation

Konitsis 11B Street,
15125 Athens,

Our Mission

Safe Water Sports is a non-profit organization, founded the summer of 2015, whose primary scope is the enhancement of safety standards for water related sports and recreational water activities. Safe Water Sports is purely a voluntary initiative and does not receive any funding or financial support from our government.

Our vision is to ultimately make our country an example for others to emulate regarding safety requirements and proper standards through knowledge and support to individuals within the athletic industry and to businesses affiliated with recreational water activities and water sports.

Our initiative, beyond aiming to improve safety and prevent potential accidents, has a distinct underlying nature of growth and development for our country's vital Industry, tourism. Safe Water Sports can develop into a key contributor to improving Greece's global image to potential travellers selecting our country for their holidays and leisure activities.

Involving our citizens is of prime importance to our efforts and initiative. The general public is our central focal point, which we intend to educate, inform, and mobilize, so that each and every public or private sector agency recognizes their importance and involvement. The focus for any public or private sector organization affiliated with aquatics, whether water sports or recreational activities, should clearly revolve around the safety needs of all participants.

Safe Water Sports relies heavily on collective actions of our citizens and uses the power of information and technology to promote and strengthen the predominate role of citizens within their area of activities. Safe Water Sports aims to become the central reference point for all water activities taking place in Greece. We want to give people accurate and reliable information on the water-related sports and recreational activities. In Safe Water Sports, citizens can seatch and retrieve all LICENSED watersports centers offering various water activities (e.x. sports, entertainment, diving, leisure) in our country, together with the necessary information related to the applicable laws and safety regulations.

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