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An An Slow Angels' Family Support Association, Yi-Lan Taiwan

1F., No. 3, Ln. 33, Kangzhuang Rd,
Luodong Township
Yilan 265,
Taiwan, Province of China

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Our Mission

An-An Slow Angels' Family Support Association, Yi- lan, Taiwan Establishment Day: Dec 11,2010 Document No.: Yilan County Government No. 0990188908 http://

Association Introduction The Association is committed to promoting and caring for children under 15 years old with special needs and their families, providing parenting groups and parent-child growth activities. Brief Services In recent years, it has continued to handle parent-child activities such as roller skates, taiko drums, pinch and percussion musical activity,. It is fun to teach and provide slow- angel families to get out of their homes and participate in parent-child learning activities. Encourage parents to know and accompany each other. In addition, it also continued to empower slow-angels parents with growth activities and groups and to establish helpful parent-supportive chains.

Our mission With the concept of supporting and accompanying families with special needs, this association gathers social resources and is committed to promoting related services and activities that care for children with special needs and their families.

Main service subjects : special needs school children, their siblings, and parents . ( Children with special needs include autism, cerebral palsy, developmental delay, mental retardation, Attention Deficit with Hyperactivity Disorder, Learning Disorder etc.)

Service content and features : 1. We accompany the slow-angel family to grow up through parent-child art , musical activities and sports such as roller skates and table tennis ,by creating acceptance, inclusive, interactive and diverse learning environments, also the parents and siblings can participate together, by the way hope to empower parenting capacity and enhance family parent-child relationship. 2. Held parenting lectures / support groups : provide medical, special education, social welfare and other related information to improve the quality of education and care, while establishing a family-to- family mutual support system, so that parents have a sense of belonging, when encountering low ebb, they can seek support and assistance from a homogeneous group of parents without feeling lonely or afraid anymore.( http://www.ananaward 3. Establish the "Young Investigators Award of Pediatric Neuropsychiatric Science- Li Xiang Award " : to encourage domestic young researches related to developmental delay, severe epilepsy, children brain tumors. 4. We also work with family visits and care by telephone call, with referral of school resources and welfare resources .

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