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Shanghai United Foundation

Shanghai United Foundation

Room 5-210, F2, Blding 5, No.105, Puyuxi Rd,
Room 201, A, 613 Eshan Road
200011 Shanghai Shanghai,

Our Mission

Mission: Empowering donors to support grassroots NGOs in China

At present, most grassroots NGOs lack an effective method for professional fund-raising and most Chinese official foundations provide very limited grant opportunities. The resulting funding gap forces them to focus a disproportionate amount of time on maintaining the operation of their organizations. As a result, they usually have neither the energy nor money to conduct large-scale fund-raising activities or focus on improving the impact of their programs.

Shanghai United Foundation (SUF) focuses on fund-raising for grassroots NGOs in an effort to relieve much of the financial burden that limits the growth and impact of promising organizations.

Our Impact

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