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| EIN: 30-0108263-7924

Our Mission

Our mission is to close the unjustifiable gap between the refugees and newcomers' potential and their systematic demotion. Our objective is to change the narrative around their professional inclusion thanks to pragmatic and efficient solutions and by interests lining up.

We want to show that recruiting refugees can become a norm for companies, as easy as recruiting locals while being an amazing value creation. For five years, we have set the basis to create a simple and scalable solution that is able to tackle massively the refugees' professional inclusion issue while answering companies' recruitment difficulties. We have then validated our proof of concept around two main programmes.

Our offer to refugees consists in extensive support throughout the journey to resume a job. Depending on their needs, maturity and aspirations, each One offers to enroll them to a specific program with the dosage of each content (French lessons, live in France lessons, soft-skills workshops, networking events, etc.) that best suits them.

To be more specific, here are the two complementary solutions we can offer: - The Society programs operated by each One for Society, hosted in top-notch universities, are the initial training programs for people who are not ready to directly recover a job. They last between one and 8 months and they include French lessons , soft-skills workshops , French cultural discovery trainings, and professional days. They are hosted in top-notch French universities across the country (HEC, Sciences-Po Paris - Bordeaux - Lille, ESCP, ESSEC, INSA Lyon -Toulouse etc.).

- The All in One pre-recruitment training programs operated by each One SAS include French for professional use lessons, soft-skills workshops, corporate immersion and specific professional training. They are built thanks to our partnerships with top companies. In order to maximize the effectiveness and relevance of our different trainings, all the pedagogical contents have been created based on the needs expressed by the refugees. And in a logic of continuous improvement, they are regularly reviewed and adapted in light of the refugees' feedback.

Through this complete accompanying path we created, we are able to tackle the main causes of refugees' unemployment and demotion while building a scalable system.

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