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Schloessli Triesen Matschils 4a-b,
Triesen 9495,

| EIN: 30-0108263-8077

Our Mission

The purpose of the Foundation is to raise public awareness by making distributions, granting other economic advantages or support individuals or organizations acting for the common good in the fields of environmental protection, science, culture and the arts. Distributions are to be made on case by case decisions and in a discretionary manner by the foundation board

The foundation shall support organizations and projects which comply with its purposes as they are defined hereinabove.

In particular, at present, such projects may refer specifically to the following activities:

Cleaning-up and preservation of the oceans Protection of glaciers and polar zones Protection of endangered animal and plant species or species that are likely to be classified as endangered in the future Preservation of natural ecosystems, natural land, rivers and seas worldwide Promotion of sustainable development all around the globe Commitment to the development of renewable energy sources Spreading people's consciousness in regard to our planet's finite resources and their permanent destruction by man

Other projects or missions may be added to the Foundation's activities anytime in the future.

The Foundation shall be authorized to enter into all transactions for the purpose of and in accordance with its purpose.

The charitable purpose of the Foundation is exclusive and irrevocable.

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