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Our Mission

Source Vive's mission is to bring support to families and relatives of children suffering leukemia and cancers in the greater Paris North area, at any stage of their disease. (each year, 2000 to 2500 children are declaring cancer or leucemia in France) Support consists of psychologist assistance (2 professionals), art-therapy sessions (1 professional), sport-health (1 professional) sessions and various activities (21 volunteers) such as gardening, cooking and games plays. All this is held in a dedicated 400 sqm+ location in the city of L'Isle Adam (North of Paris). The support is given in complement of and in coordination with the one local hospitals may be providing to the children and their families depending on the stage or importance of treatment. Hospitals may also call Source Vive directly for their support. Source Vive is as such supporting 75 families a year through a personalized and dedicated approach. This is a non-profit support; no financial participation is asked to families; this is free of charge and all financial resources come either from local and national subsidies or private donations. There is no limitation in time to the support provided to families (support length is average 3 years). The Source Vive location is mainly open on week-ends but many additional activities are created along the year to make sure children and families can benefit from a warm and dedicated attention through several experiences ( leisure park visits, horse riding, Christmas spectacle, etc...). Source Vive is also deeply developing in the support they can bring in the scholastic education of children who cannot go to school anymore due to treatments. They bring the support in coordination with local schools and can either bring the support in hospitals or at home for children where needed. Source Vive is also working closely with local other communities to make sure they can maximize synergies and join forces (sport associations, artistical associations, etc...). The association was founded in 1989 by Mrs Sylvie Brechenade who had to manage herself the leukemia of her 3 months children; she realized a lack of psychological support and excha,ge platform at that time and decided to create Source Vice as soon as her child had luckily recovered from the disease. 33 years after, she is still leading the way in the association, while making sure people will be ready to take over her action when time is needed.

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