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Our Mission

SeaTrees protects and restores coastal ecosystems to protect ocean health and fight climate change. The organization works with communities around the world to plant and protect mangrove and kelp forests, seagrass meadows, coral reefs, and coastal watersheds. The regeneration and protection of these ecosystems provide critical habitat for countless species, sustainable long-term employment for local communities, and protect communities from storm surges and sea-level rise.

How Your Donations Help

  • $1 plants 1 mangrove tree in Mida Creek, Kenya
  • $2 restores 1 square foot of watershed in Maui, HI
  • $2.50 restores 1 square foot of kelp in Sydney, Australia
  • $25 grows 1 coral fragment in Bali, Indonesia

Our Impact

Causes We Support

Countries We Serve

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

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