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Our Mission

They acknowledge education as a basic human right. Knowing how to read and write not only enables others to overcome the barriers of poverty, it unlocks the door to a lifetime of learning. Its mission is to lift children and youth out of poverty by delivering effective and sustainable programs aimed at eradicating illiteracy.

Our Impact

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

Each year we work across 4,500 communities in 143 countries, reaching 115 million children and their families. - Provide children with books and educational resources, so they can discover the joy of reading. - Bring literacy support to disadvantaged children who are struggling to read and write. - Gather global literacy leaders and organizations to share ideas and collaborate within the sector. -Bring innovative technology, e-books, and digital activities to advance the learning of children in remote communities in their mother tongue and English. - Be a lobal voice to spread and promote the importance of literacy, we empower people to advocate in their local community for this cause. - Involve parents in mentoring programs to help them instill the love of reading in their children and create a habit of reading at home.

Impact Stories

March 8, 2023 — Uganda - AFRICA

INTERNATIONAL WOMEN'S DAY 2023. WATCH ON YOUTUBE: My name is Caroline. I am in primary five this is my home, when I wake up in the morning I look for fresh water, take the animal outside and watch dirty things then I start dressing for school, sometimes there is a lot of work to do and I have to do my homework. I cannot already study from home because I do not have books or pencils, then it makes it very difficult to learn. We do not have money for many things sometimes I do not eat so I am tired and hungry, when I go to school I feel very happy because I see my friends. I'm reading my stories, I love reading Sun Books, their books are fun with a lot of games and stories because with SunBook I can speak English and I am good at reading and writing. I have hope when I grow up I would like to work with computers and helps my brothers and sisters. Sun Book Project has brought everything I'm very glad Sun Books. I love you Sun Books! Please support Sun Books.

December 12, 2022 — Indiana - USA

USA READ FOR WELLNESS 6-year-old, Ryan can’t sleep and is feeling scared about his first chemo treatment. He finds comfort in a book about Grover, the adorable blue monster, who also can’t sleep. He’s afraid, too! Together, page by page, Ryan and Grover face their fears! – This is the power of books! Children find comfort and companionship within the pages of a book. Books can help calm, give courage, inspire, and navigate feelings of grief, anxiety, and loneliness. Reading stories help children process stresses big and small and create opportunities for dialogue. “Books can be a lifeline for seriously ill children.” Our Read for Wellness, program provides underserved children with serious medical issues, hard cover, and e-books selected for their needs. Books covering topics such as ‘what to expect during a hospital stay’ to ‘tools to handle emotions’ ‘understanding cancer’ and ‘just for fun’ books.

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