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Our Mission

The mission of Cannonball Kids’ cancer Foundation (CKc) is to fund innovative, accessible research for children fighting cancer to provide better treatments and quality of life, and to educate for change. Our vision is to find cures for all childhood cancers. Pediatric cancer is the number one killer by disease of children.

For kids fighting cancer, only four new treatments have been approved by the FDA in the past 40 years. Forty years! This is unacceptable. Funding new, innovative research is the only solution. The life-saving trials our children need are largely funded by individuals who donate to organizations like CKc. Our foundation is committed to seeking and funding novel research that will truly move the needle in pediatric cancer treatment options. You CAN make a difference with CKc. Thank you!

How Your Donations Help

  • $5,000 creates 1 treatment option for a child fighting cancer
  • $60,000 funds 1 Program Grant
  • $100,000 funds 1 Young Investigator Grant
  • $200,000 funds 1 Clinical Trial Grant

Our Impact

Cannonball Kids Cancer Foundation posted an impact story
about 2 years ago — United States

-- Because of research developed with a $200,000 grant from CKc, the NIH is now investing an additional $4m in Dr. Elliot Stieglitz's research to help kids like Chloe Bella fight cancer! -- At our recent Gold Gala, Chloe Bella’s family shared their story of trauma, resilience, triumph and hope. For Chloe Bella's mom, Nay Hermes, the brutal reality of her daughter’s diagnosis with JMML, a type of leukemia, was horrible. Fortunately, Dr. Elliot Stieglitz, a leading researcher in the development of new, more targeted treatments with fewer side effects for kids fighting JMML, was able to oversee her treatment. As a result, Chloe Bella is now in remission. Dr. Stieglitz’s research is funded by CKc. His first-of-its-kind trial aims to reduce side effects for some children with less aggressive JMML while offering new treatments to others who require more intensive therapy. The treatment options created by Dr. Stieglitz and funded with your help are more than cancer therapies; they are hope for families who have no other options. At the Gold Gala, Dr. Stieglitz announced just how powerful your impact can be. He shared that because he received a grant from CKc, he was able to do the initial work to prove to the National Institutes of Health (NIH) that he had a viable clinical trial application. The NIH recently decided to back this trial, and awarded Dr. Stieglitz's team a $4 million grant that will fully fund his JMML-focused research. Without the grant from CKc that you helped make possible, the additional award WOULD NOT have happened. We are honored to invest in his innovation, which has led to the exponential growth in funding for this critical research! Dr. Stieglitz is just one researcher CKc has impacted. YOU are helping to change the status quo of pediatric cancer with your support. Thank you so much for helping us to fund new innovations for kids fighting cancer, just like Chloe Bella. You can hear more of Chloe Bella's story at Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

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