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Environmental and Energy Study Institute (EESI)

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Our Mission

In 1984, a bipartisan group of Congressional leaders established the Environmental and Energy Study Institute (EESI) as an independent non-profit organization. They did so to fill a need for improved debate, independent analysis, and innovative policy ideas for environmental and energy issues.

Since then, EESI has occupied a unique niche as an educational resource for national policymakers, an information conduit between federal, state, and local stakeholders, and a catalyst for innovative partnerships. EESI has earned a reputation for working constructively with a wide range of partners and constituencies to advance innovative policy solutions to energy, economic, and environmental challenges. Through EESI's work over the past 28 years, it has built credibility for nonpartisan perspectives and innovative solutions.

EESI's mission is to promote environmentally sustainable societies. EESI develops and promotes innovative policies on climate change, agriculture, transportation, renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies, and sustainable communities. We promote policymaker action through education, advocacy, coalition building, publications, workshops and task forces, and media outreach.

We seek to develop innovative policy solutions and strategies through all of our work. EESI has an 18-member Board of Directors made up of environmental, business and academic leaders; a multidisciplinary staff; and an Advisory Board of 23.

Our goal is to facilitate a transition to a low-carbon energy economy based on energy efficiency and renewable energy. This will result in dramatically decreased greenhouse gases and air pollution, and improved public health, energy security, and economic development opportunities. In 1988, the EESI Board of Directors declared that the problem of climate change creates a moral imperative for action; therefore, reduction of greenhouse gas emissions has been an essential element in all of our policy and educational work since then.

EESI uses an effective, integrated approach of policymaker education, work in coalitions, and policy development. Expanding support for climate change mitigation and renewable energy development is a crucial component of our work.

One of EESI's strengths is its broad and extensive network of contacts across diverse constituencies; it is a critical part of our strategy. By looking at energy and climate impacts and solutions holistically, we unite diverse constituencies behind win-win solutions, building support, and emphasizing the benefits of a stable climate, the costs of inaction, and the economic and other benefits of mitigating greenhouse gas emissions. Our participation in numerous coalitions (e.g., Climate Action Network, Energy Efficiency Coalition) allows us to leverage other organizations' resources and strengths. We serve as a valuable conduit and synthesizer, bringing the actions and voices of a wide range of stakeholders nationwide to the attention of Congress and other policymakers in the federal government. Likewise, we serve as a key national policy contact for hundreds of groups and constituencies across the country.

By sustaining these valuable relationships, we improve communication among stakeholders and between stakeholders and their representatives in Washington, providing an avenue for their participation in national policy development.

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