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JustFix Inc

BROOKLYN NY 11201-0000,

| EIN: 81-3080695

Our Mission is a non-profit that supports renters (currently in NYC) facing evictions and neglected housing conditions with technology that helps them build well-documented cases and connect with community and legal advocates. Our platform is comprised of two complementary tools: 1. A mobile app that assists tenants in gathering evidence, mediating with their landlord through templated communications, reporting violations to city agencies, connecting with organizers and attorneys, and presenting a "case history" in housing court (currently available at

2. A dashboard that allows community organizers, legal aid attorneys, and other advocates to communicate with tenants and track data about buildings, landlords, and neighborhoods. It will be integrated with open datasets from a range of city and state agencies (in development). We work with neighborhood based tenant organizing groups as well as major legal service organizations and are committed to a model of community-led development in order to design, build, and distribute our services to those who need it most.

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