Streetcode Academy

PO Box 51867,
E Palo Alto, CA 94303,


$25,229 raised via 87 donations

Our Mission

StreetCode’s mission is to invigorate innovation within our communities. We provide historically economically disadvantaged people of color in our community with the high-tech skills, confidence, and access to networks needed to enter the technology industry. We offer free courses in coding, entrepreneurship, and design.

StreetCode engages communities seeking justice, innovation, and tech-driven economic opportunities. Through building mindset, skills and networks, we equip individuals and families with resources they seek to expand their life options. Through tech education, we empower communities of color to use their authentic voices and diverse perspectives to realize self-determination.

Through our innovation, we transform and create industry that truly represents the vitality and diversity of our world.

Our Impact

$4,000 supports 1 student with a full year of classes as well as provide them with a loaner laptop if needed.

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

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