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Our Mission

Our Mission:

Restoring America's faith in law enforcement and continuing the tireless pursuit of criminals in the interest of victims of violent crimes.

The Problem:

Our nation’s local law enforcement agencies are in crisis. Protest groups, media figures, and politicians have demanded that police departments be defunded and, in many cases, disbanded and replaced with ambiguous and often abstract conceptions of policing. Many cities and counties responded to political and social pressure by drastically cutting the budgets of their local law enforcement agencies. Now, nearly three years later, our country’s police officers, sheriff’s deputies and federal agents are understandably demoralized, feeling as though they have been abandoned by the jurisdictions they work for and the communities they have sworn to serve.

Staffing issues plague agencies both large and small. LAPD reports being 800 sworn officers below authorized strength. A 2022 story covered by a local news channel details the resignation of the entire police force of Springfield, Colorado. Media outlets routinely describe the veritable flood of senior police officers who are opting to resign or retire rather than expose themselves and their families to the vilification of their chosen profession.

Against this backdrop, crime is rising nationwide and local agencies, particularly in small towns and rural counties, are ill-equipped to counter it.

As senior officers and investigators leave their departments at a record pace, new resources and creative approaches are needed to ensure that major criminal cases get the attention and expertise required to solve them and bring criminal offenders to justice. The Retired Investigators Guild (RIG)was created to give small to mid-size law enforcement agencies help when they need it most: When the scope of a major investigation exceeds the experience and expertise of the responsible jurisdiction.

Who We Are:

The RIG is a registered 501(c) 3 non-profit corporation comprised of former and retired criminal investigators from local, county, state and federal law enforcement agencies throughout the United States. RIG investigators are volunteers who are recruited based on a careful review of their career accomplishments. Each individual invited to become a part of the RIG has demonstrated, over a period of many years, that they represent the absolute best of the best in their ability to investigate homicides, cold cases and related major crimes. While every RIG investigator has already undergone rigorous multiple background clearances, the RIG performs an additional check that is similar to the process required to secure a U.S. Government Secret Clearance.

What We Do:

RIG investigators comprise a nationwide network that is available to assist any U.S. Law Enforcement Agency on a 24X7 basis, whenever and wherever needed. Our response modalities include telephone, video conference, encrypted network exchange, and in-person response.

How Your Donation Helps:

By donating to The RIG, we will be able to fund our programs and get our organization up and running. We are currently working hard to create strategic partnerships, staff key positions, build infrastructure, and get off the ground. Your donations will go directly to funding this endeavor.

Visit us:

The Retired Investigators Guild is a registered 501(c) 3 non-profit. EIN: 92-0554761

Our Impact

Retired Investigators Guild posted an impact story
9 months ago — Brick's Restaurant, Reno, Nevada

By Taylor Burke RENO, Nev. (KOLO) - Back in 2015 a Reno girl was the victim of brutal homicide. Now, her family, with the help of a local non-profit are keeping her legacy alive by helping others. Markisha Hibbler was murdered in the early morning hours of Sept. 19, 2015, just weeks before her 18th birthday. Eight years later, her mother, Tinker Davis, still remembers everything about her daughter. “She was very outgoing, very outspoken, loved to help people, was always helping people, loved her family, loved school,” said Davis. When asked what she misses most about her daughter she naturally says everything. But it’s her pranks that make her smile. “Every morning before I left out the door she’d open up her door and say, ‘Bye Turd, I love you.’ That was her thing every morning,” Davis said fondly. Hibbler, was a first-generation college student. Eager to get a jump start on her life she graduated high school early to work towards her nursing degree at UNR. Nursing was something that her mother says, was always in her blood. “She took care of me when I had my health issues. She helped take care of her grandmother,” said Davis. After Markisha’s passing Mike Marty was the lead homicide detective assigned to her case. The case was originally classified as an accident. Marty’s diligence revealed the true cause of death and led to the capture and arrest of Markisha’s killer. It was during his investigation that he became close with Hibbler’s family. The Retired Investigators Guild (RIG) is a nonprofit created by Marty which consists of a team of former major case investigators who donate their time to law enforcement agencies. Marty says that their mission is to restore America’s faith in law enforcement and provide tireless efforts of going for criminals in pursuit of justice for violent crimes. “Our organization is comprised of the very best of the best retired and former homicide, cold case, and major crimes investigators from throughout the United States and Canada. We volunteer our time and specialized skills to help law enforcement agencies whose investigative resources have been hollowed out by the Defund movement,” Marty said. Marty adds that his nonprofit offers hope and in this case the job wasn’t done after the case was solved. The Retired Investigators Guild and the University of Nevada, Reno (UNR), jointly announced the creation of a perpetual scholarship, in Markisha Hibbler’s name. Starting in the fall of 2024, aspiring criminal justice majors have the chance to receive $25 thousand to put towards getting their degrees. In order for them to qualify for the scholarship, they too have to be a first-generation student the same way Hibbler was. One student per year will be a lucky recipient and Marty says RIG will follow them throughout their college careers. But Marty didn’t stop there. He hosted a ceremony in honor of Markisha and presented her mother with a posthumous degree in Markisha’s name. “I appreciate it from the bottom of my heart,” said Davis. Donations for the RIG’s work can be made by visiting the Retired Investigators Guild - Pledge page. Donations help fund the RIG’s programs. Donations will go directly to funding this endeavor. Copyright 2023 KOLO. All rights reserved.

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