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Heal the Bay

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Our Mission

Heal the Bay is an environmental nonprofit dedicated to making the coastal waters and watersheds of Greater Los Angeles safe, healthy and clean. To fulfill our mission, we use science, education, community action, and advocacy.

Our passionate team conducts hundreds of beach and community cleanups each year, informing people about the root causes of pollution along the shorelines and in their neighborhoods. We advocate for strict water quality regulations that protect the health of both humans and the aquatic life who call local creeks, rivers, and the Santa Monica Bay home.

In the past year, Heal the Bay sponsored-Assembly Bill 1066 to protect people who participate in water recreation activities in California. Our Nothin' But Sand public group cleanups were accomplished with 5, 800 cleanup volunteers that helped remove 111,000 pieces of trash from Los Angeles Country beaches, rivers, and neighborhoods.

Our Impact

$0.10 funds 1 weekly water quality monitoring at one beach on the West Coast of the U.S.

$0.10 funds the activation of 1 new volunteer advocate who champions good environmental policies in California

$0.25 funds the feeding of a Heal the Bay Aquarium animal ambassador for 1 day

$0.25 funds the removal of 1 piece of trash from the coastline

$1 funds the removal of 4 pieces of trash on average at Heal the Bay beach cleanups

$3.25 removes 1 lb. of trash from the ocean

$25 feeds Heal the Bay Aquarium animals for 1 day and we have over 100 small local species

$50 trains and equips 2 volunteers to survey marine protected areas

$100 funds one week of water quality monitoring for 850 beaches on the West Coast

$500 subsidizes a beach clean up for 60 volunteers

$60,000 funds environmental policy campaigns that activate over 500,000 advocacy volunteers annually

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

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