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Firesticks Alliance Indigenous Corporation

The Firesticks Alliance is an Indigenous not for profit organisation that provides leadership, advocacy and action to protect, conserve and enhance cultural and natural values of people and Country through cultural fire and land management practices. Firesticks values and respects country, local knowledge, protocols of Elders and ancestors and are committed to providing a supportive Indigenous led network that fosters a community of practice to maintain and share Cultural fire knowledge and practice on Country. The Firesticks Alliance partners with diverse communities, landholders, agencies and institutions across the continent. Together Firesticks is identifying pathways to apply cultural fire to landscape, to help heal and care for Country and empowering communities through mentorship and shared understandings that are improving fire management in Australia. At Firesticks, our purpose is to empower the community in supporting the recognition and revitalisation of Cultural fire through the sharing of knowledge and practice across Australia. Firesticks empowers Indigenous leadership, advocacy and action to protect, conserve and enhance cultural fire and land management practices. We apply our methodology showing our connection to Culture, Community and Country


Ardoch Youth Foundation is a charity that provides education support for children and young people in disadvantaged communities.

Dylan Alcott Foundation Limited

To help enrich the lives of young people with disabilities by eliminating the barriers of entry to get involved in sport and study through mentoring, grants and scholarships.