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femLENS' mission is to visually educate and make technologically aware the most vulnerable and resourceless women of our society through documentary photography made accessible by mobile phone cameras and cheaper point and shoot cameras.

National Initiative for Social Action(NISA)

Vision NISA wants to develop a society that is free from all sorts of exploitation and discrimination, economically productive, equitable, socially just, environmentally sound, and viable, where everyone has the opportunity to realize their full potential. Mission Our first mission is poverty alleviation and socio-economic development by empowering the disadvantaged cohorts of Bangladesh. Our second mission is to provide quality services in the development sector of Bangladesh to bring positive changes through economic and social development programs. Our third mission is to promote self-reliant and sustainable development of the poor and help them to achieve their potential through social and economic empowerment. Our fourth mission is women empowerment and child protection through participation, capacity development and decision making processes Our fifth mission is Youth and Adolescents development through vocational education and life skill training Elaboration of NISA's Programs 1. Migration, Displacement and Humanitarian Policy NISA conduct rigorous research and provide innovative policy approaches that enable migrants, refugees and host community to prosper. Centre for Global Community Development's program on migration, displacement and humanitarian policy is focused on ensuring that everyone on the move realizes their full potential. We work to maximize the benefit of migration to destination and origin countries, expand the opportunities available to forcibly displace people and reform humanitarian system to better serve the needs of those affected by conflict and crisis. We recognize that human mobility can have positive and negative effects, depending on policy choices. We therefore work with policymakers around the world to create sustainable, pragmatic and evidence-based policies for everyone on the move. 2. Global Health and Nutrition Policy Global community faces new challenges relating to health and nutrition. Prevalence of communicable and non-communicable diseases and Global Acute Malnutrition (GAM) are increasing alary. NISA's work focuses on building sustainable health systems, global health financing, improving global health security, addressing GAM, diseases and treatment inequalities and designing fiscal policies for better health 3. Inclusive Education Despite tremendous progress, education has not yet fulfilled its promise to wider communities: gender inequality remain acute, intergenerational mobility is declining, and poor children often go to much worse school than rich children. NISA's research examines the mechanisms through which education can give children equal life opportunities and build the human capital that nations need to prosper. 4. Sustainable Development Finance To meet the Sustainable Development Goals, development finance must increase from billions to trillions. Our work focuses on more finance from existing and emerging sources, and on allocating those funds to meet both ongoing needs and future challenges. 5. Technology and Development Policy innovation is not keeping pace with technological change. How can digital country be made to increase state capacity and reduce inequality? How should we manage and regulate growth in biometric ID and governance? How can digital payments be safely and effectively scaled up? NISA's research helps policy makers catch up with our changing world 6. Government and Development The policies and program of major country government wield enormous influence on global development process. NISA provides data, evidence, and solutions that can help guide Bangladesh development policy. Our Bangladesh-based Development Policy team seeks to strengthen Bangladesh foreign assistance tools with proposals for reform grounded in rigorous analysis and evidence. NISA Bangladesh team aims to help the Bangladesh government in building the capacity of the root level staffs of MOH&FW, Local Elected Bodies (LEBs) and the Department of Agriculture Extension (DAE). Our work also encompasses research on aid effectiveness and how to address corruption problems and transparency. 7. Gender and Equality NISA works on gender focuses policies in aid, development project, trade, migration and peacekeeping that will improve women's economic empowerment worldwide. Greater equality drives big gains in health, education, and improved livelihoods - for individuals, their families, and their communities. However, in many parts of the world, women and girls and other marginalized group including LGBTI people, still face legal, economic, and political constraints that prevent them from participating fully and equally in society. NISA uses evidence to show how governments, donor institutions, and the private sector can help in creating low-and middle income countries that allow all people to thrive. 8. Global Poverty Reduction National Initiative for Social Action (NISA) works to reduce global poverty and improve lives through innovative economic research that drives better policy and practice by the world's top decision makers. NISA believes that volunteers can overcome poverty by sharing their knowledge, experience and skills across the globe. NISA closely works through National and International Volunteers for global poverty reduction in skills sharing approach. 9. Youth and Adolescent Development Youth and adolescents constitute 18 percent and 16 percent of the global population where 90% live in the developing countries. If these large portion of populations can be brought under skilled human resources, they will able to contribute in countries GDP. NISA works with the youth and adolescents to build their institutional capacity especially involve the youth and adolescents in development activities and help to register the youth club with the Department of Youth Development (DYD). NISA advocates with the NCTB and MOHFW in order to ensure young people's access to SRHR information in existing co-curricular and to ensure youth friendly services in government health facilities. 10. Sustainable Environment Bangladesh is one of the most disaster prone countries in Asia due to its geographical locations. It has experienced of 1970's and 1991's devastating cyclones, 2007's Sidr and 2009's Ayla. NISA creates space for the coastal people to build a disaster resilient community and sustainable environment. In order to cope with the situation, NISA promotes green programs especially mangroves afforestation in coastal areas including roadside tree plantation. Since its inception, NISA research on climate change impacts on communities. NISA also promotes climate adaptive livelihoods for the coastal communities like sheep rearing, duck rearing, crab farming and saline tolerant varieties. Moreover, NISA works for Carbon Reduction and participate in emergency response and rehabilitation activities when needed. 11. Food and Agriculture More than one billion people in developing countries suffer from chronic hunger. The role of agriculture in promoting pro-poor growth is attracting attention internationally. NISA's work in this area focuses on how rich countries' agriculture effects in developing world. Most of the people in developing countries live in rural areas and depends on agriculture for their livelihoods. But they don't have enough savings required to invest for farming. NISA research on food and agriculture and provide support for year round vegetable cultivation and other cropping. 12. Social Protection Activities NISA is actively involved with the different types of social protection activities at the community level like preventing child torturing, child abuse, early marriage, child labor, child and women trafficking etc. It organizes rallies, discussion seminars and advocacy workshop at different level on child protection and trafficking. 13.Research and publication NISA works for global research and development including research design, baseline survey, end line survey, questionnaires development, and midterm review (MTR), impact evaluation, training need assessment, training module development, SBCC materials development, project proposal writing, report writing, case study development and implementation of development projects in Bangladesh.


The aim and objective of PATHWAY are to work for the socio-economic development of the backward classes of people at the grassroots level of society, irrespective of caste and religion through unity, discipline, cooperative team formation, voluntary work, and favorable environment creation.

Sufaraa Mirembe Charity Organisation Limited

Support the marginalised communities in Africa to over come the draw backs in health, education and socioeconomic status they are suffering from, through a community-based and human-centred approach. Depending mainly on income-generating projects from local resources, community members will be capable in the future to solve their own problems. That ensures the sustainability of development. We also raise Awareness about volunteering and create a sense of social responsibility throughout volunteering programs

UK Online Giving Foundation

Our objective is to promote the effectiveness and efficiency of the charity sector by maximising donor contributions to eligible charities, through a Donor Advised Fund. By operating with minimal administrative overheads, we can make it easier and more efficient for a broad demographic of donors to give, and worthy organisations to receive donations.