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Voices Of Our City Choir

Voices of Our City Choir is transforming the perception and experience of homelessness through the healing power of the arts. We are building bridges connecting diverse communities in positive ways through musical performance, advocacy and education.


Rawkstars, Inc.® -- Where Opportunity Rawks! Rawkstars provides opportunity through programs that foster and celebrate music through discovery, education, creation and participation. We don't exist to churn out virtuosos; music education requires kids to develop skills and attributes that will serve them throughout their lives. Music is the vehicle, not the destination! Music education improves self-esteem, learning skills, communication, creativity, teamwork, discipline, cultural awareness and respect for others through personal accomplishment, persistence and self-expression.

Out Music

The OUTMUSIC Awards (OMAs) is the biggest night in LGBT music & entertainement presented by LARA the LGBT Academy of Recording Arts. Their mission is to educate, raise awareness and ensure that the contributions and achievements of marginalized LGBT are acknowledged, documented, celebrated and included in media, music and entertainment history. To support their missions, they film the OUTMUSIC Awards live to tape.

Seattle Music Partners

Seattle Music Partners cultivates a diverse and vibrant music-making community by providing youth with free or reduced-cost music instruction and one-on-one mentoring to eliminate racial and economic barriers to quality music education. We do this by offering after-school and evening program opportunities that use music and mentor-ship to impact the lives of young people.

Music Health Alliance

Music Health Alliance’s mission is to #HealTheMusic by providing access to healthcare — including mental health — through services that protect, direct, and connect music industry professionals with medical and financial solutions.

Black Rock Coalition

The Black Rock Coalition was founded in 1985 by guitarist Vernon Reid, journalist Greg Tate and producer Konda Mason in reaction to the constrictions that the commercial music industry places on Black artists. A collective of artists, writers, producers, publicists, activists and music fans assembled to maximize exposure and provide resources for Black artists who defy convention. To date, the BRC is the only national nonprofit organization dedicated to the complete creative freedom of Black artists.

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The CMA Foundation

Guided by the generosity of the Country Music community, the CMA Foundation focuses on improving and sustaining music education programs everywhere while supporting worthwhile causes important to the Country Music Association.  

Why Hunger

WhyHunger believes a world without hunger is possible. They provide critical resources to support grassroots movements and fuel community solutions rooted in social, environmental, racial and economic justice. They are working to end hunger and advance the human right to nutritious food in the U.S. and around the world.

Richard Tucker Music Foundation

The purposes for which this corporation has been organized are as follows: The Richard Tucker Music Foundation is a non-profit cultural organization dedicated to perpetuating the artistic legacy of the great American tenor principally through the support and advancement of the careers of promising and talented American opera singers. In addition, the Foundation seeks to heighten the public's awareness of the art of opera through performances, master classes, radio, television

Shruti Foundation

Mission - "Uniting the World through the Power of Music & Dance." The Shruti Foundation is a Non-Profit Organization based in Tampa, Florida, whose mission is to preserve and promote the rich and cultural heritage of Indian Classical music, as well as to showcase Indian music interactively with other music from around the world through public concerts, workshops, and educational outreach programs. Vision - The Shruti Foundation aims to foster awareness, understanding and appreciation of Indian Music as well as World Music, showcasing prominent Indian and World Music artists performing Indian Classical or World Fusion Music. We aspire to provide a grand opportunity for quality global musicians from abroad to come, perform and share their music with our community. As a promoter of the performing arts from around the globe, The Shruti Foundation also seeks to showcase Indian and other cultural Dances in some of our events and hopes to initiate, strengthen and grow connections with other performing arts organizations. We recognize the power of music and its strong influence on society, especially our youth. We also believe music can have a profound effect on daily life. With this understanding, we aim to utilize our efforts in this field as an additional force of good in the world by striving to unite diverse cultures through traditional music's rich and colorful heritage worldwide with our integrative concerts, workshops, outreach programs and other special events.

Jazz House Kids

JAZZ HOUSE KiDS is dedicated to transforming lives using the power and legacy of jazz through world-class education and performances that create avenues of access, learning, career development and community building.

The Spirit Of Harmony Foundation

The Spirit of Harmony Foundation supports the moral imperative of music education, weaving together the social, biological, economic, and academic benefits to young people who are involved in consistent instrument-based institutional music lessons and performance. Our organization focuses on networking, as we help match the practical and varied needs of music education programs with the resources that will help them excel. We believe in providing opportunities for personal development and self-expression through the support of music and music education for young people regardless of socioeconomic status, geographic location, or ability. Mission: Providing opportunities for personal development and self-expression through the support of music and music education.