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Escola Estadual Tecnica Fronteira Noroeste, como instituicao educacional, desenvolve avancos importantes para influenciar no comportamento de todos que nela atuam, principalmente o nosso educando e indiretamente o produtor rural para que se conscientizem e ponham em pratica as recomendacoes conservacionistas no cotidiano, como instrumento indispensavel na exploracao racional da propriedade e no meio em que vivem, visando sempre a qualidade de vida. Esta e a preocupacao que embasa a filosofia da Escola: "Oportunizar ao cidadao do meio rural a formacao da consciencia critica e participativa, para o desenvolvimento de uma agricultura ecologica, diversificada, autossustentavel e transformadora". A partir desta otica, a Escola acredita que a producao de alimentos e bens de consumo extraidos da terra ou da pecuaria, mesmo que tenham que aumentar vertiginosamente a produtividade pela imposicao do mercado, havera de caminhar de bracos dados com a preservacao do meio ambiente.


Non profit organization that helps weak populations: elderly, children or victims of natural disasters.

Rede Cidada

Promote the network in citizenship, the generation of employment and income with human development, uniting business, civil society and government

I Wish STEM company

I Wish is a volunteer led global initiative to inspire young females (aged 14-17) to explore a career in STEM. I Wish has evolved since its inception in 2015 from being a once a year Showcase to an all year-round showcase of opportunities in STEM. I Wish is now multi-faceted. It comprises of Showcase Events both in person and streamed virtually in addition to providing a STEM information resource for students and teachers campus weeks with 5 Higher Education Institutes, an alumni circle building stem bridges from primary to secondary and on to Higher Education and through our Survey a policy driver for government and stakeholders in STEM. The Showcase Events comprise: 1. a Conference Zone where the students hear from women and men forging careers in STEM, from groundbreaking researchers to entrepreneurs, data scientists and engineers; and 2. an interactive Exhibition Zone where the students can engage with STEM industries and higher education from leaders in their field like Dell, Trinity, ARUP, Aer Lingus, DIT to entrepreneurs and creatives working in STEM; 3. a Teach IT Zone designed as a resource for teachers; 4. a Create IT Zone demonstrating the creative side of STEM; 5. a Build IT Zone promoting female entrepreneurs in STEM. Since 2015 the I Wish Showcase Events have turned the heads of over 50,000 girls towards STEM and empowered them to become the next generation of thought leaders, innovators and game changers in our ever changing world.

Associacao Junior Achievement do Estado de Sao Paulo

Inspire and prepare young people to succeed in a global economy.

Associacao Gaucha Pro-escolas Familias Agricolas

I - Enable the integral promotion of the human person, promoting education and cultural development through action and socio-community education, in activities inherent to the interest of agriculture, especially regarding the sustainable development and social elevation of the family farmer from the spiritual-ethical-ecological, intellectual, technical, health and economic point of view; II - Encourage, through education, entrepreneurial attitudes of rural youth, their families and communities, contributing to the access to the generation of work and income, as well as providing continuous formation processes of Alternation Educators / Monitors of Agricultural and Family Schools and several publics, with a view to contributing to mobilization of popular empowerment and emancipation in the complex sociocultural reality of the Brazilian countryside; III - Ensure that the formation and animation activities of the EFAs are articulated and integrated with the promotion and sustainable development projects in which they are inserted; IV - To promote, as its predominant activity, a contextualized and differentiated education, serving as a maintaining institution to regulate, manage, raise funds, represent and manage the operation of the Santa Cruz do Sul Family Farm School - EFASC, which may offer teaching courses High School and Vocational High School, as well as initial and continuing education, complementary and technical specializations of Rural Professional Learning, following the principles of the CEFFAs Network - Family Centers for Alternating Training in Brazil, with universality of service, scholarships and benefits related to school transportation, uniforms, teaching materials, housing and food; V - Providing, conducting, executing and encouraging initial and ongoing processes of training for Alternating Educators / Family School Teachers and EFA association members; VI - Promote a quality education, contextualized, differentiated and focused on the rural environment, in accordance with the foundations and principles of the CEFFAs Network, with a Pedagogy of Alternation methodology and appropriate to the Law of Guidelines and bases of National Education (LDB No. 9,394) / 1996) and the National Plan of Current Education (PNE), as well as Decree No. 7352, of November 4, 2010 and other normative instruments of field education and relevant legislation; VII - Recognize the knowledge of family farmers and the community, recognize their role as alternative educator, seek and promote the construction of theoretical / practical knowledge from the local reality of youth and the harmful and sustainable development in activities related to agriculture, currently the education and training of young people, families and the community; VIII - Encourage, carry out and promote the organization and mobilization of farmers and the youth of Family Farming in order to gain their rights and access to public policies; IX - Promote moral and ethical values, valuing the spirit of solidarity, respecting the environment, promoting gender equity and analysis, ethnicity and patterns of group types, valuing cultural diversity and any nature; X - Develop the attendance and evaluation of the beneficiaries of the Organic Law of Social Assistance - LAAS, their defense and guarantee of their rights. Promote social assistance - serving all stakeholders, including: children, adolescents, young people, adults, men, women, the elderly, people with disabilities and all minorities in society; XI - Educational institution service to create, integrate, regulate, accredit, administer, covenant, fundraise, use, organize, maintain and use education resources at any level, including higher education - both undergraduate and postgraduate - University graduate. It may be offered or in partnership or cooperation with other universities;


Empowering society to care for nature, our global biodiversity, in a responsible and sustainable way, for human well-being, supported by a solid foundation of science, partnerships and field experience

ChangemakerXchange gGmbH

ChangemakerXchange is a global community providing safe, supportive, fun, and empowering spaces for changemakers. We foster profound and lasting connections, nurture wellbeing, and enable peer-learning and meaningful collaborations so that changemakers may create, sustain and scale positive change.


We are reference in Technology, Innovation and Education. We act as an institution that promotes industry locally and nationally, offering infrastructure, highly qualified human resources, an entrepreneurial culture and an integration of competencies. We work alongside a network of partners, clients and suppliers that include institutions from all over the world.

Ubuntu Last Hub - Inovacao e Educacao Colaborativa

To train the greatest number of powerful people in the periphery, so that they have the same opportunity as vacancies in the labor market, and can conquer a better future.

Centro Cultural e de Assistencia Social Ilso Jose Webber

Promover o desenvolvimento economico, social e humano dos cidadaos de Coxilha levando informacao, conhecimento, acesso a alfabetizacao e tecnologias em informatica. Despertando tambem a consciencia para a preservacao do meio ambiente, atraves do cuidado com o lixo domestico.

Associacao Beneficente Santa Fe

Include children and adolescents, who face risky personal or social situations, in the universal category of ordinary and total children and adolescents, providing them with a safe and adequate environment for their development, respecting their particularities and implementing models of care that guarantee defense and the promotion of their rights and those of their families.