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Juventud para Cristo

YOUTH FOR CHRIST - GENERAL OVERVIEW The NGO Youth for Christ in Montevideo, Uruguay. Youth for Christ is an autonomous, non-profit organization. Since it began 40 years ago, Youth for Christ has worked actively to come along side marginalized population in Uruguay through formal programs. Our action is oriented primarily toward children, adolescents, young people and their families on three levels of intervention: - Personal (seeking holistic development) - Within the family and community (work to strengthen families, develop local networks, and encourage participation) - Political and structural (participate in constructing Social Policies and effective methods of intervention) In 1989, we began to work formally with the State and formed the Civil Society Organization Youth for Christ, Uruguay. Since then we have operated collectively with State organisms, International Organisms, and a wide variety of NGOs (non-government organizations) that work in the country. In Youth for Christ we run politically as a civil society organization. The General Assembly of partners is the sovereign body, which appoints a Board of Directors. This Board operates on an honorary basis and has a predetermined term of service. Youth for Christ works with a clear north, challenging but possible with Jesus Christ, which we express with simplicity in our mission: - Promote a culture in tune with the gospel and its values of justice, peace, solidarity, tolerance, love, and respect for the diversity. - For part of the Youth for Christ International family, adhering to the shared vision and mission of the organization.

Fundacion Jacinto Convit

Fundacion Jacinto Convit (FJC) is a non-profit institution founded in June 2012 that preserves, protects and continues the work, projects, values and philosophy of the renowned scientist, physician and humanist Dr. Jacinto Convit. Inspired in the vision of social service through science, the FJC is comprised by a multidisciplinary team of professionals from the healthcare, basic, social and human sciences that develop research, social and educational programs to favor the local healthcare system, social progress and humanity in general. FJC is an independent institution that works in collaboration and alliance with public institutions, research centers, academia, multilaterals, non-profits and private organizations. Its aim is to work for the benefit of the most in need through high impact scientific and social programs. Institutions under Legal Agreement Hospital de Ninos "JM de los Rios" Instituto Oncologico "Dr. Luis Razzetti" Hospital San Juan de Dios Hospital Central de San Cristobal Instituto Autonomo Hospital Universitario de Los Andes Hospital Universitario de Caracas Ciudad Hospitalaria "Dr. Enrique Tejera" Banco Municipal de Sangre Institutional Collaborators St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, USA. Hospital San Juan de Dios. Barcelona, Spain. Escuela de Medicina "Jose Maria Vargas", Universidad Central de Venezuela. Sociedad Anticancerosa de Venezuela. Venezuela. Instituto Venezolano de Investigaciones Cientificas. Venezuela. Instituto de Estudios Avanzados. Venezuela. Laboratorio clinico Blau. Venezuela. Laboratorio Genomik. Venezuela. Programs Research Experimental Immunotherapy Unit (EIU) Develops therapeutic options for chronic and infectious diseases based on treatments directed to the patients immune system to fight a disease. Currently develops Dr. Convit's personalized breast cancer immunotherapy, ConvitVax, a potentially safe, effective, low cost treatment option for patients. Works to advance clinical trials in the US, South America and Europe using the ConvitVax. Aims to enhance Dr. Convits personalized immunotherapy by combining the ConvitVax with other therapies to increase the anti-tumor effect of the vaccine. Molecular Diagnostic Unit (MDU) Provides a highly specialized free medical assistance service for the molecular diagnosis of malignant neoplastic diseases (such as leukemia and some solid tumors) and infectious diseases (mainly HIV). Provides a service directed to the most vulnerable pediatric and adult population in the country who attend public hospitals that are under agreement with the FJC. Works with in-house protocols based on molecular techniques and generates scientific research based on rare findings in these pathologies. Contributes to the improvement of mortality and morbidity rates in patients with some types of cancer. Seeks to extend this program to all public oncology services in Venezuela to benefit a greater number of patients, as well as to develop new diagnostic tests in cancer. For certain tests, the FJC has become a Latin American reference, since it is the first molecular diagnostic laboratory in the region evaluating certain gene alterations based on these techniques. Educational Jacinto Convit Digital Library Develops a virtual library specialized in the works of Dr. Jacinto Convit in order to recover, preserve, and facilitate the access to bibliographic and hemerographic work, as well as all that is produced by or about him. Serves to support the programs executed by FJC by providing its resources and documents to the general, therefore contributing to the academic and social development of the country. Values through Science Brings the life, work and achievements of Dr. Jacinto Convit, and the work performed by the FJC, to educational institutions, communities, public and private institutions, congresses and events. Gives lectures, informative talks, film forums, presentation of documentaries, publication of educational materials and recreational activities. Aims to motivate and inspire all crowds with Dr. Convits life as a role model.

I Wish STEM company

I Wish is a volunteer led global initiative to inspire young females (aged 14-17) to explore a career in STEM. I Wish has evolved since its inception in 2015 from being a once a year Showcase to an all year-round showcase of opportunities in STEM. I Wish is now multi-faceted. It comprises of Showcase Events both in person and streamed virtually in addition to providing a STEM information resource for students and teachers campus weeks with 5 Higher Education Institutes, an alumni circle building stem bridges from primary to secondary and on to Higher Education and through our Survey a policy driver for government and stakeholders in STEM. The Showcase Events comprise: 1. a Conference Zone where the students hear from women and men forging careers in STEM, from groundbreaking researchers to entrepreneurs, data scientists and engineers; and 2. an interactive Exhibition Zone where the students can engage with STEM industries and higher education from leaders in their field like Dell, Trinity, ARUP, Aer Lingus, DIT to entrepreneurs and creatives working in STEM; 3. a Teach IT Zone designed as a resource for teachers; 4. a Create IT Zone demonstrating the creative side of STEM; 5. a Build IT Zone promoting female entrepreneurs in STEM. Since 2015 the I Wish Showcase Events have turned the heads of over 50,000 girls towards STEM and empowered them to become the next generation of thought leaders, innovators and game changers in our ever changing world.

Fundacion Andres- Bello

Provide the necessary care and support for people with disabilities in a state of vulnerability, focused on preventive dental care, as well as on the diagnosis, treatment and monitoring of oral and maxillofacial pathologies of children, youth, adolescents and adults with limitations, to improve their quality of life, and integration social. Brindar la atencion y el apoyo necesario para personas con discapacidad en estado de vulnerabilidad, enfocados en la asistencia odontologica preventiva, asi como tambien en el diagnostico, tratamiento y seguimiento de patologias bucales y maxilofaciales de ninos, jovenes , adolescentes y adultos con limitaciones, para mejorar su calidad de vida, e integracion social.

Fundacion Nativo

Fundacion Nativo is a non-profit organization, located in Caracas (Venezuela), which is dedicated to the socioeconomic and sustainable development of indigenous communities, without having to damage their environment or abandon their cultural or religious beliefs. Always favoring gender equality and integration of different sexual options. Vision: A world in which there is no inequality between the indigenous population and the rest of society. Where the native population is not considered as animals, pets or the disposable object of the fashion of the moment. Mission: Empower indigenous communities by promoting the conservation of their culture, defending the right to land and the preservation of their natural resources, promoting sustainable economic development in gender equality and sexual orientation, favoring access to communication channels to leave the information isolation and giving them a voice before the institutions to demand their rights and denounce the abuses to which they are subjects of. Our history: In 2014, investigating for a documentary, we made a stop in the mining area of Las Claritas. There we went to a brothel where a bingo was being held. The place was full of miners attentive to the draw, something that surprised us because bingo always seemed an activity for older people ... Until we saw the prize ... depending on the sexual orientation of the miner, the prize was a child or Indigenous girl no older than 10 years old, who waited to meet the owner of their destination inside a hole dug in the floor of the premises. When you see something like this with your own eyes, it is impossible to remain indifferent to the problem. We realized that, in this market of basic instincts, we could do little to diminish the demand (the illegal miners come from many countries and for them the Indians are less than animals), but we could have some possibility of diminishing the offer if we helped the development of indigenous communities. And that's how the Fundacion Nativa was born.

Organizacion Nacional de Trasplante de Venezuela ONTV

Give hope to life expectancy by facilitating organ donation and transplantation in Venezuela

Dividendo Voluntario para la Comunidad / United Way Venezuela

Integrate efforts of the private initiative and add value to the processes of social responsibility of companies, in alliance with social development organizations, authorities and communities, in order to promote actions that improve the quality of life of people in Venezuela.

Fundacion para la Alimentacion y Nutricion Jose Maria Bengoa

Contribuir a mejorar la alimentacion y la nutricion de los venezolanos mediante la promocion de propuestas de politicas y el desarrollo de estrategias de accion destinadas a mejorar la alimentacion, la nutricion y la salud de nuestra poblacion, en especial la de sus grupos vulnerables: ninos, ninas, embarazadas y adultos mayores.


WE BUILD FAMILIES FOR CHILDREN IN NEED We work for children who are orphaned, abandoned or whose families are unable to care for them. We give these children the opportunity to build lasting relationships within a family. Our family approach in the SOS Children's Village is based on four principles: Each child needs a mother, and grows up most naturally with brothers and sisters, in their own house, within a supportive village environment. WE HELP THEM SHAPE THEIR OWN FUTURES We enable children to live according to their own culture and religion, and to be active members of the community. We help children to recognise and express their individual abilities, interests and talents. We ensure that children receive the education and skills training they need to be successful and contributing members of society. WE SHARE IN THE DEVELOPMENT OF THEIR COMMUNITIES We share in community life and respond to the social development needs of society's most vulnerable children and young people. We establish facilities and programmes that aim to strengthen families and prevent the abandonment of children. We join hands with community members to provide education and health care, and respond to emergencies.

UK Online Giving Foundation

Our objective is to promote the effectiveness and efficiency of the charity sector by maximising donor contributions to eligible charities, through a Donor Advised Fund. By operating with minimal administrative overheads, we can make it easier and more efficient for a broad demographic of donors to give, and worthy organisations to receive donations.

Alliance Publishing Trust

Alliance aims to facilitate the exchange of information and ideas among philanthropists, social investors and others working for social change worldwide in order to maximize the impact of funding for social development.

TAFISA - The Association For International Sport for All

to mobilise its members to reintroduce sustainable Sport for All and physical activity practices into everyday lives, using the Designed to Move physical activity platform.