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soutenir, accompagner, participer, et developper des projets de developpement a l'etranger portes par des acteurs locaux, ces projets d'aide seront prioritairement orientes vers les enfants et adolescents en grande precarite et difficulte sociale ; privilegier des actions s'inscrivant dans une logique de perennite des projets soutenus et d'autonomisation des acteurs locaux afin de permettre aux structures locales de prendre en charge durablement leur propre developpement.

Promethee Education

The association Promethee Education works for the equal opportunities and the success of all by the school. We conduct actions, at several high schools in the Ile-de-France region, articulated around 3 pillars: 1 - Guidance assistance with the objective of enabling each student to have access to the necessary information on higher education streams and profesionnal opportunities, through visits, forums and information meetings ; 2 - Reinforcement with the objective of providing students with a solid foundation of knowledge and methodology, developing their general culture through internships, with a citizenship component ; 3 - Development of oral expression with the objective of allowing students to have all the keys and methods to have sufficient confidence to hold a speech or argumentation orally, with specific exercises on oral school admission and professional interview. Two transversal actions reinforce these three pillars : the Entretiens de l'ambition (meetings with inspiring personalities) and the cultural reinforcement. All these actions aim to fight against self-censorship, reinforce the confidence of high school students and students, awaken their ambition, and allow them to find their way by accompanying them to build their academic and professional project to promote a chosen orientation rather that a suffered one.

Association Voix Libres

Voix libres is working in Bolivia to : - Prevent and eradicate child labour in mines, garbage dumps and streets - Fight against domestic violence - Serve human rights through integral development (education, training, micro-credits at zero interest, food autonomy) - Create a solidarity economy, in which the populations are entirely responsible for their own development, that corresponds to their real needs and a modernity rooted in the values of the communities. - Above all, to listen to the most forgotten, to encourage the expression of their talents and the development of their deepest identity

Kids Home France

Kids Home France (KHF) advocates for humanitarian, economic and social development projects, specifically focusing on child rights. Its support extends to developing countries, starting with Southeast Asia. It monitors the implementation of projects in the field as well as assisting in fundraising in Europe. Since its inception, KHF directly supports Baan Dek Foundation (BDF), a Thai-registered foundation, in achieving its mission to provide vulnerable children access to education, health and safety services. For over 18 years, BDF has provided support to marginalized children from disadvantaged communities through access to basic education (including non-formal education) and the integration of children into a formal school system, safety, and health, supporting over 2,000 vulnerable children every year. BDF works in partnerships with the private and public sectors in Thailand (schools, medical centers, and the Ministries of Health and Education), in order to successfully support the most vulnerable children. BDF works to improve the fundamental well-being of all children living in urban slums and construction site camps in Thailand, through a two-fold approach: Direct impact: BDF provides access to education, health and safety services to vulnerable children each year through a variety of field programs. Systemic impact: BDF develops strategic partnerships with real estate and construction companies to engage these stakeholders and promote the adoption of the CMFA throughout the sector. BDF works with children regardless of their ethnicity, religion, and social backgrounds in accordance with UNICEF policies regarding Child Protection and meeting their access to basic needs according to the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child ratified by Thailand in 1992.

Poussieres de Vie

We are here to empowering disadvantaged children and young people by giving them the opportunities to help themselves, help their families and dedicate for their community - They should not living by begging but by going back to school or go to work to improve themselves. So the mission of Poussieres de vie is to develop a global approach for a successful integration of target population.

I Wish STEM company

I Wish is a volunteer led global initiative to inspire young females (aged 14-17) to explore a career in STEM. I Wish has evolved since its inception in 2015 from being a once a year Showcase to an all year-round showcase of opportunities in STEM. I Wish is now multi-faceted. It comprises of Showcase Events both in person and streamed virtually in addition to providing a STEM information resource for students and teachers campus weeks with 5 Higher Education Institutes, an alumni circle building stem bridges from primary to secondary and on to Higher Education and through our Survey a policy driver for government and stakeholders in STEM. The Showcase Events comprise: 1. a Conference Zone where the students hear from women and men forging careers in STEM, from groundbreaking researchers to entrepreneurs, data scientists and engineers; and 2. an interactive Exhibition Zone where the students can engage with STEM industries and higher education from leaders in their field like Dell, Trinity, ARUP, Aer Lingus, DIT to entrepreneurs and creatives working in STEM; 3. a Teach IT Zone designed as a resource for teachers; 4. a Create IT Zone demonstrating the creative side of STEM; 5. a Build IT Zone promoting female entrepreneurs in STEM. Since 2015 the I Wish Showcase Events have turned the heads of over 50,000 girls towards STEM and empowered them to become the next generation of thought leaders, innovators and game changers in our ever changing world.

Alliance Citoyenne

Alliance Citoyenne members are low-income families affected by social problems and discriminations. Inspired by community organizing and power of action methods, the association has 9500 members living in working-class neighborhoods in Seine-St-Denis and in the Grenoble, Lyon and Montpellier agglomerations. People meet and build collective demands, conduct citizen surveys and put their problems on the agenda of institutions through nonviolent actions in the public space. Citizen participation and democracy is for us a way to defend rights and reduce social injustices. Since its creation in 2012, its team of professional community organizers has accompanied hundreds of citizens' group to defend their housing rights, rights of people with disabilities, improvements in a fair delivery of public services in poor neighborhoods, and helped Muslim women to voice their on concerns. Typical expenditures is community organizers' wage and training cost for members.

Bioteka - udruga za promicanje biologije i srodnih znanosti

Bioteka' s mission is to effectively connect science and society. As of 2010, when our civil society organization has been formed, we are dedicated to educating and raising public awareness on the importance of scientific discoveries and results, STEM, nature/environmental protection, sustainable development, public health, and related areas. We specialize in bringing scientific language, methods, and facts to the wider public. Our work includes educational (workshops, educational camps etc.), popular science (content creation, article writing, public outreach), volunteering and research activities, as well as initiatives for raising the public's awareness of topics in the field of natural sciences, nature and environmental protection, climate change and sustainable development. Bioteka continually promotes critical thought, science, modern teaching methods, active citizenship, sustainable development, and implementation of nature-based solutions. We cooperate with scientists, educational institutions, the private sector, and the public and have so far successfully carried out more than 75 projects of local, national, and international character and importance.

Ora Singers

ORA Singers is an award-winning and critically-acclaimed professional vocal ensemble, recognised for its commitment to producing the highest quality choral music; continuing and enhancing the centuries-long tradition of choral singing in England. We do this primarily through performance, recording, commissioning and choral education. We believe that choral singing is truly at the heart of Britain's classical music tradition, and we are committed to showcasing its beauty, power and relevance to a modern and demographically varied audience. Building on our success of the last six years, we are developing a new vision of cross-cultural work that we believe will introduce British choral singing to a wider audience than ever before, both nationally and internationally. We will be collaborating with, and commissioning, extraordinary artists from other world music traditions, building musical bridges between different cultures. We are also continuing to expand our educational programme, which reaches out to under-privileged young people across the UK. We provide free mentoring and access to professional musicians and musical opportunities to aspiring composers from state schools. We were inspired to build this programme by the continual reduction of support for music education in our state education sector, and the knock-on effect this is having on young people's musical development and aspirations. We have always supported the creation of new work, commissioning over 50 new musical pieces in the last six years, and with a target of 100 new works in 10 years. We have become known for our creative and prolific commissioning programme, providing employment and exposure to a huge number of composers, and building a legacy of early 21st century choral music which will continue to be performed for hundreds of years to come.

Paris Basket 18 Eme

Paris Basket 18 aims to promote the integration of young girls from underprivileged neighborhoods through sport. Two types of projects are carried out by the club: - actions around the leisure practice of basketball and sports in general. - actions around a competitive basketball practice The aim is to create an original way of social integration of children and adolescent girls from underprivileged backgrounds, to promote the practice of femininity in order to fight against the cultural sexism that girls face in their daily lives, the appropriation by adolescent girls of a cultural object very marked by the practice of males goes in the direction of a redefinition of the social roles attributed to boys and girls. Le sport est donc l'outil grace auquel nous mobilisons les jeunes filles. En complement de cela, nous leur proposons un accompagnement plus global afin de developper leurs competences qu'elles soient scolaires ou sociales. Nous mettons en place de nombreuses activites afin de permettre a chaque jeune d'etre epanouie et a meme de faire face aux difficultes qu'elles vont affronter en etant le plus confiantes possibles. Un ensemble d'actions autour de l'accompagnement a la scolarite est mis en place: - de l'aide aux devoirs - une mediation entre les familles et les etablissements scolaires - un suivi psychologique des jeunes et/ou de leurs familles - des ateliers de paroles encadres par notre psychologue Les intervenants sont formes et suivis tout au long de l'annee par notre psychologue afin d'intervenir de facon la plus juste possible aupres des jeunes.


"Talent is equally distributed, opportunity is not''. By upskilling vulnerable people, Konexio solves hiring difficulties for companies while promoting the social and professional inclusion of excluded people. Konexio's mission is to tackle the growing demand for digitally-skilled talent, by continually updating training programmes to reflect needs in the job market.


My mission is to provide for a destitute child care home in rural Mbale Uganda by providing vital necessities and education to build possibilities for their future. Our goal is to keep families together and to avoid more abandonment by empowering impoverished communities with self sufficeny programs that will help them become self-reliant. The major cause of child abandonnement is due to single parent homes and lack of finances to sustain a healthy life for the child. Mbale Child Care Foundation is the registered foundation I started working with. I hope to expand with another registred child care home, Mcanaan Child Care Foundation that's also in Mbale. Mbale Child Care Foundation is on borrowed land in a flood and land slide zone. I aim to purchase no risk land for them. I want to raise money through fund raisers and child sponsorship programs.