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ChangemakerXchange gGmbH

ChangemakerXchange is a global community providing safe, supportive, fun, and empowering spaces for changemakers. We foster profound and lasting connections, nurture wellbeing, and enable peer-learning and meaningful collaborations so that changemakers may create, sustain and scale positive change.

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In December 2020, French record companies decided to structure all their joint initiatives in favour of gender equality, equal opportunities, inclusion in general and ethics into an "All Access - Music" association. The founding objective is to accelerate the necessary changes within the music industry, whether in terms of equality or diversity. The All Access Musique association is chaired by Natacha Krantz, Universal Music's Communications Director; it is administered by a board elected for two years and membership is open to any Company or organisation that shares its ambitions and wishes to contribute to its work. The board is made up of 8 representatives of record labels - both independent and major - 4 women and 4 men. The masterclasses of the All Access mentoring programme, which were introduced in January 2020, following the first Women in Music conference, were thus hosted by an organisation dedicated to - the development of actions in the direction of parity - the implementation of support measures for young people who are destined for the music industry. On the subject of professional equality: The first stone in the edifice that the producers wished to build to improve the place and visibility of women in their companies, the mentoring programme has been enriched, in addition to the monthly sessions based on the principle of role models, transmission and networking, with individual coaching sessions thanks to the partnership established with the Audiens group for 3 years. Practical workshops, meetings with other groups of mentees and speeches by the association (MaMA 2021, Forum Generation Egalite, Assises de la Parite, etc.) have taken place over the past two years. 50 young women are now taking part in the third season of the All Access mentoring program; they come from all professions and from structures of all sizes. The founding roadmap remains the guiding principle of this program: to move the lines in favour of women by offering employees at the beginning of their careers specific support to help them in their development thanks to an unprecedented experience: - Regular exchanges with emblematic women professionals on all subjects, - Share freely their daily concerns as well as their ambitions, - Develop their network by building privileged relationships with their peers but also with experienced women, - Have a space to listen and develop their self-confidence. In 2021, thanks to the support of the Centre National de la Musique, the association was able to set up dedicated accounts on social networks, and to communicate regularly on the activities of All Access. The participants in the mentoring programme also benefited from a communication kit (personal photos taken by a professional photographer, training sessions to optimise LinkedIn profiles, etc.). On the subject of equal opportunities: The music producers united in the All Access Musique association are also driven by a clear ambition on the issues of equal opportunities, diversity and inclusion. The first line of development chosen to provide a concrete response in this area is that of helping students in financial difficulty, but who are nonetheless passionate about the music business; this corresponds to the desire to help young talent to become professional and join the teams of labels and partners in the recorded music sector. In this context and to help us identify needs with the help of specialists in the field, a partnership has been established with the Institut de l'Engagement. The awarding of scholarships to eligible students in the music industry master's programme is managed by the "Equal Opportunities Committee" of our association. The first school associated with this programme is EMIC; other masters are being considered for the next integration sessions (the EDH group with ICART in particular).

Alliance Citoyenne

Alliance Citoyenne members are low-income families affected by social problems and discriminations. Inspired by community organizing and power of action methods, the association has 9500 members living in working-class neighborhoods in Seine-St-Denis and in the Grenoble, Lyon and Montpellier agglomerations. People meet and build collective demands, conduct citizen surveys and put their problems on the agenda of institutions through nonviolent actions in the public space. Citizen participation and democracy is for us a way to defend rights and reduce social injustices. Since its creation in 2012, its team of professional community organizers has accompanied hundreds of citizens' group to defend their housing rights, rights of people with disabilities, improvements in a fair delivery of public services in poor neighborhoods, and helped Muslim women to voice their on concerns. Typical expenditures is community organizers' wage and training cost for members.


We have a beautiful mission: we want to cure every child's cancer. Find new treatments, improve existing ones, and kick children's cancer to send it far, far away forever and may it never come back!

Bioteka - udruga za promicanje biologije i srodnih znanosti

Bioteka' s mission is to effectively connect science and society. As of 2010, when our civil society organization has been formed, we are dedicated to educating and raising public awareness on the importance of scientific discoveries and results, STEM, nature/environmental protection, sustainable development, public health, and related areas. We specialize in bringing scientific language, methods, and facts to the wider public. Our work includes educational (workshops, educational camps etc.), popular science (content creation, article writing, public outreach), volunteering and research activities, as well as initiatives for raising the public's awareness of topics in the field of natural sciences, nature and environmental protection, climate change and sustainable development. Bioteka continually promotes critical thought, science, modern teaching methods, active citizenship, sustainable development, and implementation of nature-based solutions. We cooperate with scientists, educational institutions, the private sector, and the public and have so far successfully carried out more than 75 projects of local, national, and international character and importance.


Plan International Espana is an international development and humanitarian organisation which strives for a just world that advances children's rights and equality for girls. We focus our action to: - empower women, young and communities to make vital changes that tackle root causes of discrimination, poverty, exclusion and vulnerability; - drive change in practice and policy at local, national and global levels through our experience. - Work with young to prepare for and respond to crises and adversity; - support the safe progression of children from birth to adulthood. Plan International is committed to safeguarding of women and young people. We are an organization that works to defend, promote and protect children's rights in order to achieve societies that respect the rights of all children and enable them to have a life of dignity and a future full of opportunities. We are currently present in 77 countries around the world and we aim to ensure that our work provides lasting benefits to children, their families and communities. One of our main areas of work is the economic empowerment of youth, especially the most vulnerable adolescents and young people, so that they become resilient, acquire knowledge and skills for employment, have access to job opportunities and actively participate in the development of their professional careers. We develop programs aimed at economic security, through training in employability and entrepreneurship skills. o To this end, we seek the commitment of citizens and institutions, and build partnerships to: o Empower children, young people and their communities to generate lasting change that addresses the causes of discrimination against girls, exclusion and vulnerability. o Drive changes in practice and policy at local, national and international levels through our outreach, experience and knowledge of the realities that children experience. o Support children and their communities in adapting and responding to crises and adversity. o Ensuring the safe and positive development of children from birth to adulthood. For 83 years, its work based on social responsibility and transparency has cemented its reputation for ethical, effective and committed humanitarian aid in each of its projects. Plan International is a Foundation that has been working in Spain since 2010 on programs in Spain aimed at raising awareness and empowering Spanish girls and young women about their rights. In 2012, and as a result of the economic crisis and the transformation it brought to the labor market, Plan International started to implement insertion programs for groups at risk of exclusion.

Generation France

Generation France is a nonprofit that transforms education to employment systems to prepare, place, and support people into life-changing careers that would otherwise be inaccessible. Generation predominantly serves unemployed and underemployed young people ages 18-35, who are disconnected from the labor market and have struggled to find financial security.

Ora Singers

ORA Singers is an award-winning and critically-acclaimed professional vocal ensemble, recognised for its commitment to producing the highest quality choral music; continuing and enhancing the centuries-long tradition of choral singing in England. We do this primarily through performance, recording, commissioning and choral education. We believe that choral singing is truly at the heart of Britain's classical music tradition, and we are committed to showcasing its beauty, power and relevance to a modern and demographically varied audience. Building on our success of the last six years, we are developing a new vision of cross-cultural work that we believe will introduce British choral singing to a wider audience than ever before, both nationally and internationally. We will be collaborating with, and commissioning, extraordinary artists from other world music traditions, building musical bridges between different cultures. We are also continuing to expand our educational programme, which reaches out to under-privileged young people across the UK. We provide free mentoring and access to professional musicians and musical opportunities to aspiring composers from state schools. We were inspired to build this programme by the continual reduction of support for music education in our state education sector, and the knock-on effect this is having on young people's musical development and aspirations. We have always supported the creation of new work, commissioning over 50 new musical pieces in the last six years, and with a target of 100 new works in 10 years. We have become known for our creative and prolific commissioning programme, providing employment and exposure to a huge number of composers, and building a legacy of early 21st century choral music which will continue to be performed for hundreds of years to come.

PC Coup d'Pouce

PC Coup d'Pouce (PCCP), an association under the 1901 law, aims to set up development aid projects local, national or international level, in this case in recent years in Benin, Togo and Senegal. Its aim is to provide sustainable aid adapted to the needs of a population. We ensure that the project is monitored and runs smoothly, while promoting the community's development of the community. The projects are integrated into the development policy of the development policy of the host country. They are carried out by the local association in conjunction with its local partners and concern various fields of action, namely education, nutrition, women's empowerment and water and sanitation. The association supervises the entire project, is responsible for fundraisin, and carries out reconnaissance and monitoring missions in the field, which are necessary for the the project. The association refrains from taking political, religious or ethnic positions and/or demonstrations.

Association Voix Libres

Voix libres is working in Bolivia to : - Prevent and eradicate child labour in mines, garbage dumps and streets - Fight against domestic violence - Serve human rights through integral development (education, training, micro-credits at zero interest, food autonomy) - Create a solidarity economy, in which the populations are entirely responsible for their own development, that corresponds to their real needs and a modernity rooted in the values of the communities. - Above all, to listen to the most forgotten, to encourage the expression of their talents and the development of their deepest identity


The mission of Ayúdame3D is to create and provide 3D-printed prosthetic devices to people with limb differences, regardless of their socioeconomic status. The organization aims to promote a culture of inclusion, empowerment, and innovation, by leveraging technology, education, and community engagement. Ayúdame3D envisions a world where every person with a disability has access to affordable and functional assistive devices that enable them to live with dignity, independence, and full participation in society.