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All Hands and Hearts - Smart Response

All Hands and Hearts provides community-inspired, volunteer-powered disaster relief.

NPH USA (formerly Friends of the Orphans)

NPH USA, formerly Friends of the Orphans, transforms the lives of abandoned and disadvantaged children with homes, healthcare and educational programs, making a positive impact in Latin America and the Caribbean. NPH USA support Nuestros Peque os Hermanos (NPH, Spanish for "Our Little Brothers and Sisters"). Together, we create families for life and teach children the values of unconditional love, shared responsibility and helping others. Our donors help children overcome poverty and become leaders in their own communities. Since its founding in 1954, NPH has assisted more than 20,000 children and is currently raising more than 3,400 boys and girls in nine countries. An additional 2,300 students who live outside the homes receive scholarships, meals and health care. Over 99,000 services were provided through community outreach programs in 2015.

Neurosurgery Outreach Foundation

To promote the advancement of neurosurgical care for the diseases of the brain in underserved communities globally through service, education, and support.

Danita's Children

We rescue, love, and care for orphans and impoverished children in Haiti, meeting their needs spiritually, physically, academically, and emotionally, preparing them for a brighter future.


4africa exalts Jesus Christ by restoring and empowering African people to become good stewards of their community and country- imparting biblical principles through sustainable clean water and preventative health initiatives while educating future leaders, all with a heart for service.

Lifeline New York

The New York Office of Lifeline Humanitarian Organization supports the work of HRH Crown Princess Katherine Karadjordjevic of Serbia. Lifeline was founded by HRH Crown Princess Katherine in order to provide critically needed humanitarian aid to the neediest people of Serbia.Our goal is to reduce and relieve the suffering of physically and mentally disabled children, orphans, the elderly as well as to improve medical facilities in the country.

Shine On Sierra Leone


Thaakat Foundation

Our mission is to promote charitable giving among students and young professionals. To drive a movement of creative altruism, unparalleled giving and preservation of diversity and culture. To bring hands on volunteerism to our local communities and hope to our global society.

Vibha Inc. Help Them Grow

VIBHA's vision is to ensure that every underprivileged child attains his, or her right to health, education and opportunity - VIBHA educates, enables and empowers, individuals and companies, which wish to make a positive impact on the lives of under-privileged children - VIBHA brings together the combined skills and actions of volunteers, donors, social entrepreneurs and NGOs to a common platform to find sustainable solutions to the problems faced by underprivileged children.

Impact Network

Impact Network is a U.S.-based charitable organization that provides successful technology based education solutions in rural Africa. We believe every child deserves access to a quality education. By empowering local teachers with tablets loaded with activity-based lessons and intensive training on the use of the technology, we make this possible. We developed the eSchool 360 system as a way to sustain high-quality education for less than $5 a month per student. Our solution is currently operating in over 40 schools in rural Zambia, serving over 6,000 students in the primary grades.

Peace Sisters

Peace Sisters assists over 470 underprivileged girls to access educational opportunities in Togo, West Africa. Peace Sisters was founded by Tina Kampor, a Togolese American woman who moved to California in 2003 and worked hard so she would be able to send money back to Togo to help girls who might otherwise have dropped out of school. School fee payments, solar study lamps, ID Cards, menstrual pads, and basic health insurance are some of the ways that Peace Sisters helps girls to succeed in their education. In 2021, Peace Sisters celebrated the first college graduation by a girl in our program!

Relief International Inc

RI provides emergency relief, rehabilitation and development assistance to victims of natural disasters and civil conflicts worldwide. RI's programs bridge the gap between immediate and long-term community development. This orientation promotes self-reliance and the peaceful reintegration of populations. RI's programs are designed with the input and participation of target beneficiary groups such as women, children and the elderly, whose special needs are often neglected in disasters.