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The Mission Statement Of Blind Education And Rehabilitation Development Organization (BERDO) Is to rehabilitate the people with disabilities In The community by income generation, education, training and treatment facilities beside the normal people to relate with the social main stream.

HOPE International Development Agency

HOPE brings help and hope to the world's poorest families. Our vision is to work with local communities to bring clean water and other basic needs to villages and communities in remote areas of the world.

Sophia Akash Foundation

The Sophia Akash Foundation's (SAF) mission is to facilitate sustainable paths out of poverty for the world's poor. We recognise that for those living in poverty, the essential services that enable them to build sustainable livelihoods are unaffordable. Our mission is to change that. We help build strong, sustainable Social Enterprises, using innovative solutions to meet the basic needs of poor and unserved communities. With access to affordable basic services such as financial inclusion, primary healthcare, education and others, households can break the cycle of poverty.

Disable Development & Educational Foundation (DDEF)

To develop the under privileged poor vulnerable persons with the disabilities specially autistic, vulnerable women and distresses children in grass root level in Bangladesh. > To change the social and economical situation of underserved and unserved people in the country creating and sound and peaceful development environment. > To provide necessary moral and material support to the poor and needy and building their capacity to live with dignity of Allah. To reduce poverty among the community people under taking felt need based and right programs having direct participation of related stakeholders and rehabilitation of person with disabilities.