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Garden Worship Center

So what is a true disciple? …a learner, but it’s not just about gaining knowledge about something, it’s about consistently becoming more like someone. It’s about growing more like Jesus every day. Discipleship is about entering into the fullness of God’s will, putting Christ first in our lives and following Him wherever, and into whatever, He leads us.

Men And Women Of Action

Men and Women of Action (MWOA) provides an opportunity for men and women to volunteer their skills in building projects around the world. Even though our main emphasis is coordinating construction teams, we also work with disaster relief and recovery, humanitarian projects, celebration teams, and discipleship training.

Vine Pastoral Counseling Center

The mission of The Vine Pastoral Counseling Center is to provide services for individuals, couples, families and congregations that will facilitate healing and wholeness in human life and relationships. Services will be provided to any person regardless of race, gender, socioeconomic status or faith perspective.

Martha O'bryan Center

On a foundation of Christian faith, Martha O’Bryan Center empowers children, youth, and adults in poverty to transform their lives through work, education, employment, and fellowship.

World Water Project

World Water Project is a team of social entrepreneurs who strive to deliver the world's best home water filter to those in the developing world.

Impact City Fc

To make an eternal impact on the soccer culture in cities everywhere.

Reach Recovery

Reach Recovery is a Christ-centered ministry created to reach, engage, and restore hope to adults and families battling drug and alcohol dependencies.

Gethsemane Church

Gethsemane is a place where people love to come and hate to leave. Gethsemane offers an atmosphere of love and a family community.

Jesus & Me Kids Ministry

Love, Teach, & Empower inner-city children in their journey toward their God-given purpose. Ours is a ministry of encouragement, fellowship and teaching by providing: • Safe transportation to and from church services and activities (including snacks and meals) • Weekly & monthly bible studies and prayer services • Educational tutoring • Community outreach opportunities • Scholarships We currently serve children, ages 4-17, in the Southeast & East Austin Communities, with the primary focus aimed at letting children know that no matter what or regardless of all circumstances, they are truly loved by Jesus Christ.

The Bible League

Serving the under-resourced Church with Bibles and training to transform lives worldwide through God’s Word.

4 His Glory

4 His Glory is an itinerant ministry from Summerville with a vision to bring revival to the nations through missions outreach and evangelism. We are the heart of a people rising up to transform cities and nations and spread God's glory from sea to shining sea.

Faith Always Wins Foundation

Founded in 2014 as "Faith Always Wins Foundation" in response to a religiously motivated hate crime, SevenDays promotes interfaith dialogue by engaging all people to discover commonalities and overcome evil with acts of kindness.