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Team Rynkeby Fonden

To raise money for seriously ill children.

Help Brandwonden kids vzw

2 Objective of H.B.K association "HELP BURNS KIDS 'association wants children with burns financial support. This we will not do that. Because we have good contacts with the Belgian Foundation for Burns and Burns various centers we wish to maintain a good cooperation with them. This is because we, despite our efforts, do not have the know-how to distribute our collected money to what are the most pressing needs at that time. Therefore, we will increasingly are demanding to receive a request for support from the Belgian Burn Foundation. This financial aid to burn patients is granted within the Burns Foundation by a committee of social workers, nurses and independent specialists from all Belgian burn centers scrutinize each application and continue to monitor the financial assistance in the care process. On its own initiative the association will take well-founded initiatives to stimulate children with burns in their long struggle rehabilitation. "Burns Help Kids" association will continue to grant aid internally considering. Here are some ways to achieve our goals. Costs for additional medication and bandages (D therapy) Costs for psychological support (no intervention) Costs for increasing co-payments related to physiotherapy. Costs for reimbursement of additional pressure suits and or orthopedic devices. Costs for specific scar care (make-up, tattoos, cures, LPG (Louis Paul Guitay) computer-controlled suction and roller massage, ... ..) Costs for toys on the burns services Cost of delegation of personnel for lectures on prevention in schools and disclosure in the relevant schools in specific patients (children) Costs for rooming-in of the parents (not always reimbursed by the hospital) Costs for transport by ambulance or helicopter. Cost of homemaker. Because of the additional concerns that must be given to the child is left less time for household chores. Opkrikkende support to children with burns in their struggle for healing in various burn centers in Belgium. Costs for UV-resistant swimsuits Support various initiatives for children with burns as treatment camps and other camps that healing and integration can work hand in society. Prevention to prevent burns. Organization of full school day in primary school and pre-school children. Organization prevention classes for the purposes of BRAVO (Burns Appearance) for both schools and other organizations. We wish to be a point of contact for children with burns. Organisation of the annual meeting for families with burn patients. "Burns Help Kids" will sensitize people to the needs of these children and do the funds seek to raise.

Iko vzw

Iko established an orphanage home in Andhra Pradesh , India. Our home "Mamare" was inaugurated on august 29, 2006. At this moment (2015) 35 children are living in our home as a family. Healthy food, good hygiene, sports and recreation and most of all education are the pillars of their future.

Fondation de France

Focused in supporting a modern, effective and global philanthropy.

Minor-Ndako vzw

Minor-Ndako is a non-profit organization within the Flemish youth-care system. Our organization was born out of a need for specialized, individual care for unaccompanied minor refugees. Minor-Ndako wanted to provide a different kind of shelter for the most vulnerable (the youngest, those in need of psychological and medical care, victims of human trafficking,) under them. In 2002 Minor-Ndako started with 10 kids in one group, since than our organization has grown rapidly. We have extended our care to families and children from Brussels and Flanders who are in a problematic situation at home. Today we are a mid sized organization with 56 places for unaccompanied minor refugees (both residential places as well as assistance for young people who move out on their own) and 44 places for Flemish children and their families. And we continue to grow, in the near future we will open new . But we want to do more than provide care and residence, we have several additional projects that reinforce our primary task. Amongst these project are our own running and football club.


SHORT: Habbekrats exists for all youth and those whose living conditions is characterized by structural disadvantages or deprivation in particular. Habbekrat's mission is to increase their participation, enlarge their resilience and lift mechanisms of subordination which they encouter. LONG: Habbekrats exists for all youth and those whose living conditions is characterized by structural disadvantages or deprivation in particular. When we say all youth, we mean it. Youngster at Habbekrats have very different backgrounds. Habbekrats unites them under the believe that the YOUTH IS DOING WELL. As evidence has Habbekrats eleven youth houses where a total of 2500 young people meet per year. In every house there are originally decorated rooms where you can be astonished at small and large things in live. Where you can experience things. Additionally Habbekrats organizes camps, more than 80 days per year, for children and young people. Not just ordinary camps but real adventures in which young people excel as heroes. To top it off Habbekrats also provides assistance to young people. We connect them with each other and with society. To the benefit of us all. But we also provide rapid assistance to young people in need. Here and now. In short. Habbekrats is a professional youth service which strongly believes in her youth and her goal. A friend of all young people and a partner for youth welfare.

Mijn Congo vzw

'Our aim is to support local projects in Eastern Congo. These projects will have an educational, sportive, creative and cultural purpose. With our first project we will support two schools in the province of South-Kivu by improving their sports facilities. Because we believe in the fact that sports create friendship and hope. More than 3000 Congolese students are involved.


To promote equality between trans* and cisgender people in all areas of society, in particular by fighting against exclusion and discrimination of any kind based on gender identity disorders; to promote research, development and implementation of medical and paramedical knowledge for trans* people, in particular: in the analysis and support of gender identity disorders, in the management of transition (hormone therapy, surgery, dermatology. .), in the medical and paramedical follow-up specific to trans* people throughout their lives (urology, gynecology, hormone therapy, psychotherapy...); to promote and support diversity and the inclusion of trans* people in the school, university, training, professional and artistic environments; to promote contact between trans* people and associations defending the interests of trans* people; to participate, with other associations, groups, foundations, etc., to participate, together with other associations, groups, foundations, etc., in international activities aiming at one or more of the goals defined in the present statutes; to represent and defend the interests of trans* persons on an individual or collective basis, excluding the regularization of their residence permits; to support any trans* person facing difficulties related to his or her gender identity disorder; the association has no profit-making purpose.


The mission of Ayúdame3D is to create and provide 3D-printed prosthetic devices to people with limb differences, regardless of their socioeconomic status. The organization aims to promote a culture of inclusion, empowerment, and innovation, by leveraging technology, education, and community engagement. Ayúdame3D envisions a world where every person with a disability has access to affordable and functional assistive devices that enable them to live with dignity, independence, and full participation in society.

ASBL Sauvons Bambi

Saving the wildlife of our countryside. Volunteer pilots operate in Belgium with drones equipped with a thermal camera to detect fawns, hares and nests in the fields prior to agricultural work and save them from horrific mutilation or death. Once detected, we isolate these animals for the duration of the work and give them back their freedom immediately afterwards. A second mission consists in identifying certain wild species in the fields whose conservation status is at risk (e.g. partridges). Sauvons Bambi was officially created on 13 January 2021. Today, it brings together 24 officially licensed drone pilots trained by the association to detect and save deer fawns and nests. In 2 years the association has already saved more than 700 animals!

The International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer Youth and Student Organisation

IGLYO - The International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer and Intersex (LGBTQI) Youth & Student Organisation is the world's largest LGBTQI youth and student network, counting more than 100 Member Organisations in over 40 countries across the Council of Europe Region. IGLYO's mission is to strengthen the rights of LGBTQI youth, fight for equality and inclusion, and empower LGBTQI youth voices. IGLYO represents the diverse rights and intersectional needs of LGBTQI young people and works hard to ensure that their futures are bright. We achieve our objectives through international training and events, targeted capacity building programmes, intercultural exchanges and peer learning, thematic research and advocacy actions, online tools and resources, digital story-telling and campaigning, networking activities, and more. Since our establishment in 1984, IGLYO has been growing steadily with new Members joining every year. Our Members are organisations who represent and/or support LGBTQI youth and/or students, work with LGBTQI youth or issues, comprise mainly of LGBTQI youth, or have a specific department working for/with youth.

YFU Bulgaria

YFU Bulgaria's mission and aims can be enlisted as follows (non-extensive list): - promoting the development and affirmation of spiritual values, education, and culture; - supporting social integration and personal fulfilment - nurturing the traits for a new system of values and consciousness of world citizens in young people; - providing assistance in overcoming barriers to communication and helping quality professional realization; - expanding the opportunity for young people to rediscover the importance of family and homeland and its spiritual values and national traditions; - developing in young people the ability for initiative, civic and social responsibility; - promoting the development of a sense of belonging.