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Canadian Cancer Society
Canadian Cancer Society

The Canadian Cancer Society is a national, community-based organization whose mission is the eradication of cancer and the enhancement of the quality of life of people living with cancer.

Virtues Project International Association
Virtues Project International Association

VPIA was formed in 2013 to continue the work of its legacy organization, The Virtues Project, which was founded in 1988. The mandate of VPIA is to promote the principles, practices and strategies of TVP throughout the world; providing encouragement, support and guidance to individuals, families, organizations, communities, regions and nations seeking to make virtue a part of their everyday life; and by providing programs and materials in support of these efforts. The mission of TVP is to inspire people of all cultures to remember who we really are and to live by our highest values. TVP empowers individuals to live more authentic meaningful lives, families to raise children of compassion and integrity, educators to create safe, caring, and high performing learning communities, and leaders to encourage excellence and ethics in the workplace.

The International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association (ILGA)
The International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association (ILGA)

1. To act as a leading organisation and a global voice for the rights of those who face discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression and/or sex characteristics (SOGIESC). 2. To work towards achieving equality, freedom and justice for lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and intersex people through advocacy, collaborative actions, and by educating and informing relevant international and regional institutions as well as governments, media and civil society. 3. To empower our members and other human rights organisations in promoting and protecting human rights, irrespective of people's sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression and/or sex characteristics and to facilitate cooperation and solidarity among ILGA regions and members. 4. To promote the diversity and strengths of persons of diverse SOGIESC around the world.

SickKids Foundation
SickKids Foundation

We inspire our communities to invest in health and scientific advances to improve the lives of children and their families in Canada and around the world.

La Fondation Du Cancer Du Sein Du Quebec

The Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation is the only non-profit charitable organization\ndedicated to making investments for the benefit of the province's breast cancer patients\nand its scientific and medical community, with every dollar its many fundraisers and\nactivities raise.

Moisson Montréal

Moisson Montréal's mission is to provide an optimal food supply for community agencies serving Montréal's most vulnerable people while actively participating in the development of sustainable solutions to promote food security.

Food Banks Canada

We provide national leadership to relieve hunger today and prevent hunger tomorrow in collaboration with the food bank network in Canada.

Montreal Children's Hospital Foundation

The Montreal Children's Hospital Foundation is devoted to raising funds for health care, research and teaching activities for children and pregnant women primarily for the benefit of the McGill University Health Centre and qualified donees.

The Shoebox Project

The Shoebox Project collects and distributes gifts and essentials to women impacted\nby homelessness.

The Kidney Foundation Of Canada

The Kidney Foundation of Canada is the national volunteer organization committed to\neliminating the burden of kidney disease through:\nFunding and stimulating innovative research for better treatments and a cure;\nProviding education and support to prevent kidney disease in those at risk and\nempower those with kidney disease to optimize their health status;\nAdvocating for improved access to high quality health care;\nIncreasing public awareness and commitment to advancing kidney health and organ\ndonation.