Customize Your Donation Form

There are many ways and reasons to customize your donation form to fit your needs:  

Select a Theme Color



Update Amounts on Your Donation form

Depending on your audience or event, you may want to update the amounts listed on your donation form. Some examples of events you may want to change amounts for are: 



We support donations from donors all over the world; Add in as many additional currencies as you would like to to best engage with your audience. Keep in mind that if you add a goal, the goal amount will always increase in USD. 

Allow Recurring Donations

We recommend allowing recurring donations to your fundraiser to increase recurring revenue to your organization. Most commonly this is done monthly, but occasionally you may have donors wish to contribute at a different frequency. We recommend reducing the options available to folks here to reduce analysis paralysis. 


Enable Tribute Donations

Tribute donations are a great way to honor loved ones or make a donation in support of someone else. Loved your freshman science teacher? Make a donation to your school in honor of your teacher! Donors can email folks they donate in honor of to let them know of the gift. 


Allow Donors to Keep Their Donation Anonymous or Private

Sometimes donors want to contribute, but don’t want others to know how much they contributed. Check this box to allow their amount to be public on the fundraiser page or in PledgeCam, but visible to the organizers in the Impact Hub.

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