How to Select Your Nonprofit for Your Fundraiser

Selecting the right nonprofit is a crucial step to setting up your fundraiser campaign. Here are a few ways you can find one you’re looking for, whether you know which you’d like to select: 

Need help choosing a nonprofit to support?

  • Pledge has over 2 million nonprofits in our database, including all nonprofits in good standing with the IRS in the United States of America and over 100,000 in countries around the world
  • You can learn more about nonprofits by cause area in our “Explore Causes” section

Can’t find the nonprofit you’re looking for? 
  • Try searching by EIN (you can find a nonprofit’s EIN on their website or on GuideStar) 
    • An EIN looks something like this: 53-0196605 (American Red Cross’s EIN)
  • Try searching by a different name. If the nonprofit you’re looking for commonly goes by an acronym, try searching by both the full name and the acronym (e.g. Big Brothers Big Sisters of Los Angeles and BBBSLA) 
  • The nonprofit you’re looking for may be fiscally sponsored by another organization. According to the Council of Nonprofits, “A fiscal sponsor is a nonprofit organization that provides fiduciary oversight, financial management, and other administrative services to help build the capacity of charitable projects.”
    • In this case, please contact the Pledge Support team so we can direct funds properly to the fiscally sponsored organization. 

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